Angie’s Family Portraits & Painting

Family portraits are important and meaningful, especially when children are young because they change so fast. It’s wonderful to be able to have a custom art piece on the wall that you can enjoy, not only right now, but also in 20 years.

And for my clients that are looking for something completely different, I offer my special line of painted family portraits. This is not some quick filter or effect. Instead I individually paint each image from scratch using a photograph that I create during your portrait session. It’s a lengthy creative process, but I created this sped up video so that you can see it come to life in a short 15 second time-lapse video.

That finished painting is now hanging as a beautiful canvas in their home. During the creation as I was photographing the family, their dog ran around behind them, came around the side and looked up at them. For one split second everything was perfect, and I quickly got that shot. Everyone is looking at each other and interacting including their beloved dog that really wanted to be a part of the moment.


With summer ending, this is the last great time to photograph families that want outdoor images. The studio gardens look amazing right now, and the colors are green and lush. We can do a variety of family options and groupings for a lot of choices. And though no one likes to think about Christmas early, the weather is starting to get cooler which means outdoor options will become limited, plus we only have about 14 Saturdays left to get things by Christmas. BryCox_Angie-Family-02

Besides family groups, it’s always nice to get an updated couple portrait. I’m amazed how many couples I photograph admit that they have not had a professional couple portrait since their wedding. Let’s fix that and get you something you can put on your desk at work or display around your home.BryCox_Angie-Family-03

Here at my Utah studio, we can shoot outdoors and indoors during the same appointment. For Angie’s family, we went in the studio for some fun, high-contrast black and whites of individuals that could be displayed as a series of squares going up the stairs.BryCox_Angie-Family-04 BryCox_Angie-Family-05 BryCox_Angie-Family-06

And those squares worked really well as this framed trio too.BryCox_Angie-Family-07

Let’s get some great portraits of your family inside the studio and outdoors in the gardens while the weather is still nice. Now is the perfect time to get in and beat the Christmas rush of fall.

Give me a call at 801-728-3317 and until next time, America.

Bry Cox Portrait Paintings from Photographs

Fall weather means family portraits — and also Bry Cox’s family portrait paintings.

When I photograph your family, I can also create a very unique piece of art — a painting. These are actually painted stroke by stroke using the original photograph as a reference so that everything is in proportion. You can save by doing this too as part of the fall special going on now.

Here is a short video of me talking specifically about these paintings…

Remember, my fall special is going on now. All the details are here. Give me a call and let’s create something amazing for you.


Below are some paintings I’ve created for people. These are each finished as a stretched canvas in a variety of sizes, ready for hanging. I am based in Utah and have both an outdoor shooting area here at the studio location, but I also know of great places to go in the canyons and nearby mountains. For example, these first few are on location throughout Utah.



These next few paintings were shot in the studio gardens.




This next one was created at the client’s home.


While these last three were painted from images I created in the studio.



And here is a painting created from a studio portrait for a high school senior session.©, Bry Cox

And last week on my blog, I shared a family’s painting as a time-lapse animation of it being created. Here is that time-lapse again.


Give me a call at 801-728-3317, and let’s set up your fall appointment and create a fall family painting as well. And check out my main website to view more of my portfolio at

And until next time, America.

Outdoor Family Painting & Portraits in a Field

I love photographing families and creating unique pieces of art for them, and my painting line is definitely unique. Starting with a photo for reference, this painting is created from scratch with no computer filters or quick effects. They are stunning to look at in person, but are hard to describe online, so I created this animation showing some of the steps of how this painting came together over time. It starts out very rough and abstract, and slowly comes together. When I finish the piece, I like to leave a lot of the rough, abstract brush strokes around the edges and throughout the background. It gives it a very etherial look, and makes it hard to mistake it for a photograph. However the faces are always very detailed.


Here’s the final painting.

©, Bry Cox

These paintings are available in a variety of sizes starting at 20 inches, and are perfect for outdoor fall family portraits. Right now is my fall family portrait special. All the details are on the past blog post, but here’s a link. It’s a great time to get in for a shoot while the weather is great, and before the Christmas rush.©, Bry Cox

And aside from shooting for a painting, together we’ll create some great images of your family during the shoot. I have great options for outdoor portraits at my studio, but this image was created on location at a spot near this family’s home. This family was so nice and fun to work with. The weather was actually very hot during this session, and for most photographers that would mean bright, washed out skies and blotchy sun marks on the skin which means most photographers would probably make the image black and white to hide their problems. But light is my specialty, and I set up some powerful and direct lighting to bring add dimension the family, while at the same time darkening the sky. The result is a beautiful family with warm, beautiful skin tones, lots of spacial dimension, a gorgeous sky with dramatic clouds, and a field full of warm vivid colors.

©, Bry Cox

After the family portrait, I like to focus on the kids. These kids were very smart and funny. I was amazed at the advanced subjects they were studying in school. And I really like the real and natural expressions in each of these images.©, Bry Cox ©, Bry Cox

Being a Utah based photographer, we have so many options for outdoor locations, especially in the fall. So whether you want a family painting, photographic portrait, or want to shoot inside the studio or outdoors, I know you’ll love what I create for you. Fall is here and it’s a great time to get in. Beat the rush and call me today for the best dates and availability: 801-728-3317

Check out the details of the fall family special, and feel free to check out my main portfolio website for more samples,

Until next time, America.

My 2013 Christmas Gift for YOU, A New Christmas CD!

Every year at this time, I design, layout, and print about 20,000 Christmas audio CDs for a client and friend, James Conlee.  I always make sure that I get some copies to give to all my current clients in their Christmas orders.  This year’s album is called Choirs of Angels.

With every order between now and Christmas, you’ll get your own copy (while supplies last).


This is a project amongst friends. I do the layout, design and packaging, the album is produced by one of my best friends, James Conlee, and the artwork/painting is by another friend of ours, James Christensen, a famous painter whose work can be seen and purchased through Greenwich Workshops.

This year, his painting used for the cover is “Evening Angels,” which is incredibly colorful and intricate. His paintings are always incredibly captivating and really makes the entire project extra wonderful.


I design all of the CDs that James Conlee produces, and I think that this is the 14th CD I’ve designed for him. The music for this particular project was recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and with The Madeleine Choir of Salt Lake City.

So for all my holiday clients that are ordering this time of year, whether you get a large collection of various wall portraits or even just reorder one small 8×10 print, I am giving you a FREE Christmas CD!  The cover painting is phenomenal, the music is phenomenal, and the whole production is worth owning! In fact, if you’re a current client and don’t have anything to order right now, still call me and stop by and I’ll make sure you get a copy too.

We are getting close to Christmas and there’s still time to get in if you’d like something wonderful. Some things can still be made up for Christmas if you call and get in quickly, 801-728-3317.  And remember, I’ll include a Christmas CD with your order.

And until next time, America.

My Painting of Annie Featured in Meridian Magazine

This week, one of my images was featured in Meridian Magazine. They interviewed my friend Annie Rosevear about her band, “Annie Romance” which she left in order to pursue a music career in LA. Before she moved, she came in to the studio and we created some images for her to use in her promotion, and from that shoot I created this painting, the image featured by Meridian.

Cox_ARosevear-S-318-tex-paintingYou an see the full article, here.

And if you’d like one of my custom portraits and/or paintings, give me a call and let’s get it started now so it can be finished for Christmas. 801-728-3317

Until next time, America.

Paul and Mandi’s Fall Family Portraits

I say this a lot, but I love photographing families and children. It is so fun to capture and create art pieces that preserve the ages, emotions, and feelings of a family at a particular time in life. And this family was a blast to work with, and the kids were so adorable and fun. It was a great shoot and I wanted to share it.

First, one of my favorite family paintings I’ve created in a long time. For those unfamiliar with my process, I start out creating a photograph, in this case in my outdoor studio gardens, and from there I use it to create a painting. And this one is so amazing. I’m going to have to make one up for my studio as a sample. It has such great emotion, the family walking together, the children’s cute faces looking up, and the great textures throughout. This is going to look amazing when it’s hanging in their home.


And here is their family grouping in the leaves. Everyone looks so good, and the children’s faces just shine.Cox_Lei-F-115


And to create a nice wall grouping in their home, to go on either side of the above family group are two squares, one of each child that will be framed the same.

I love how she is sitting so cute and feminine, keeping her hands so perfect…Cox_Lei-F-145

…and he is sitting like a little man, with his knee up and shoulders out. Cox_Lei-F-177

Finishing up the session is this final couple portrait of Paul and Mandi.Cox_Lei-F-202I had a ball with this family and am loving working on their order right now. I can’t wait to deliver it all and see it hanging in their home.

November is a great time to get in and get family portraits for Christmas, cards, and family gifts. Check out the November special right now and call now for the best availability.

And until next time, America.


My 2012 Gift for YOU, A New Christmas CD!

Every year at this time, I design, layout, and print about 20,000 Christmas audio CDs for a client and friend, James Conlee.  I always make sure that I get some copies for myself that I can give to all my current clients and friends.  This year’s album is especially beautiful and I’m excited for you all to see and hear it.

With every order between now and Christmas, you’ll get your own copy (while supplies last).

This produced every year by one of my best friends, James Conlee who produces and oversees the entire album.  In fact it is a joint project of friends in many ways because the cover painting is by another friend of ours, James Christensen (a famous painter with Greenwich Workshops).

This year, his painting used for the cover is “Cecelia,” which is incredibly colorful and beautiful. I love the different uses of various types of brush strokes, the various hues, and the beauty of the entire piece, though James Christensen’s paintings are always incredibly captivating. His artwork really makes this CD artwork wonderful.

I had a hard time cropping his image for a square cover, as the entire painting is so wonderful. I did however, use some tricks with the type over the painting to make it blend in more and seem more like gold leaf embedded into the canvas.

It’s a little known fact that I design all of the CDs that James Conlee produces, and I think that this is the 13th CD I’ve designed for him. The music for this particular project was recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and with The Madeleine Choir of Salt Lake City.

So for all my holiday clients that are ordering this time of year, whether you get a large collection of various wall portraits or even just reorder one small 8×10 print, I am giving you a FREE 2012 Christmas CD!  The cover painting is phenomenal, the music is phenomenal, and the whole production is worth owning! In fact, if you’re a current client and don’t have anything to order right now, still call me and stop by and I’ll make sure you get a copy as well.

We are getting close to Christmas as far as appointments go, so if you’d like some fantastic images of yourself or your family, now’s the time to get in the studio.  Give me a call at 801-728-3317 to set thing up.  And remember, I’ll include a Christmas CD with your order.

And feel free to check out my main website at, and until next time, America.

It’s Time for Beautiful Outdoor Family Portraits at Bry Cox Studio

Warm weather is here, the studio gardens are in bloom, and it is time for creating fantastic and artistic family portrait heirlooms.

Look at this wonderful family portrait. I always like to create a few variations for the big family portrait so that clients can pick the one that matches the feel and mood of their own family. This image was their favorite grouping, a square composition with the children all leaning in close. I love the feel of this. Everyone has a beautiful and natural smile, everyone looks great, and is lit and posed wonderfully.

As another option, I also created a painting of them walking through the studio gardens as well. Images like this are great for hanging in another room.

After the big group, I like to focus on each child and create something unique of each one. I focus on personality and work on getting sparkle in the expression, as well as using custom and exquisite lighting that flatters each person, as well as creating depth and contrast.

The result should be captivating and real. Strangers should be wowed by it and feel like they know the person by the genuine expression, and there should be depth created by the lighting that makes you feel like you can step into the image.

Individual portraits of family members are great for creating wall collages and groupings for other parts of the house. Later, each image can be moved into a child’s room as the groupings in the main rooms are updated.

Decades later, when each child has moved on in life and gone their own ways, each of these images will be invaluable to them as well as other loved ones.

We can even do a mix of portraits in the studio at the same appointment if you’d like a different look.

Your family’s schedule in the summer can be extra busy and it can be hard to get everyone together, but creating these memories is invaluable and now is the best time to get into the studio.

Call now check availability and to see what specials may apply. Give me a call at 801-728-3317 to schedule a time.

Big Yellow Moon on the Rise

The other night the moon was supposed to be extra big and bright (news story) which won’t happen again for two more decades. I set out to a secluded place near my home and set up my camera on a tripod to wait for the moon rise. It was a fun and cold night. I had just got back from Texas and was used to the warm weather, and the cool spring night here in Utah made for a fun adventure.

I started out shooting the sunset, as there was about a 15 minute difference from when the sun would set and the moon would rise. I shot for HDR which means you shoot a couple exposures to capture the shadow and highlight details and then sandwich the images together in one image, but ended up just using single exposures as my final images as I feel they look much more natural and esthetically pleasing. Here’s a pano looking west to the sunset.

During twilight, I created some long 30 second exposures of the ground and scenery around me. I really love the next two images and the blue in them.

I especially love the direction of light and the high horizon in this one below.

I was using an iPhone app which pointed to where the moon would rise. I waited for it to peak above the clouds and began to shoot. I really like this image. Everything is so blue.

I pulled back for another image, showing more foreground. I could have digitally enhanced and lightened the grass and foreground, but I prefer it like it is, feeling dark and cool like night.

I zoomed in to capture the moon, but by now it was climbing fast.

The higher moon gave me a bit more light to work with, and I took one more with a lot of foreground and a high horizon, hyper-focal focusing to get as much in sharp detail as possible, especially for such a long exposure.

I really like how these turned out, but nevertheless it was just fun to be outside and enjoying the cool night, looking at the moon. I also created a few images on my iPhone just for fun. Here’s when I first arrived…

My camera and the moon while creating the last image above…

Some weeds against the night sky. I shot this while walking back to my vehicle…

And one more of weeds that I sent from my iPhone to my iPad using PhotoStream, then edited on my iPad to create a pseudo painting. I really like the colors in this a lot.

Well, that was my Big Moon Adventure. If you love photography like I do, and you understand the value of a great image that can stand the test of time, then give me a call. Now is a great time to set up your Spring appointment for your family portrait. Give me a call at 801-728-3317 to schedule a time. And feel free to browse my main website at

New Orleans Street Photographs

In January, I spoke at the national photographic convention in New Orleans, called ImagingUSA. After working, and having been there before, I took some time to walk down some of my favorite streets to create some fun images.

I processed these images out using some of my new b&w and toning effects as well as come of my custom made edges that I create and sell to other photographers as well as use myself.  I’m really happy with these images and how things turned out.

I feel that these images are especially interesting, and the look I’ve used just accentuates that. These images make a great series of my trip there.

It was a fun walk, but I had to hurry and move quickly through the streets so that I could catch to my flight home in time. I found it interesting how so many buildings had similar windows, stairs and textures, even though the colors where so different. The similarities really show in these b&w images.

I also walked to an old cemetery I remember finding last time I was there. I really liked this area and wished I had more time to really play and photograph the area. Nevertheless, I still created some cool images. The trick is to shoot this in such a way that you don’t show all the people walking through, or the modern buildings behind the tombs. Those things would have been very distracting in the final images.

I had to get at least one image of me, and chose to do it in an abstract way, using my shadow.

Here’s one in color. It’s the top of a pyramid shaped monument. The others I created for b&w, but this I never even tried converting it. It was meant to be in color, even though it sticks out of the series.

I love these iron gates, with the shadows they created. The lines and textures were very exciting!

So as I was walking back to my hotel to head off to my flight, I passed one last time this large abandoned office building. It’s very weird to see such a large building completely empty and I had been passing it multiple times daily while there.

I also found my name on one of the sidewalks.

And finally, I created this painting while I was there using an image I took with my iPhone while going to a vendor party one night on Bourbon street.

I’m very happy with my street images and walk-about. It was a good way to end the trip.

Last time I was in New Orleans, I focused on people I saw while walking around.  This time I focused more on textures and lines.

If you’re a photographer and would like to know more about my workshops or speaking schedule, check out my workshop website at