My 2013 Christmas Gift for YOU, A New Christmas CD!

Every year at this time, I design, layout, and print about 20,000 Christmas audio CDs for a client and friend, James Conlee.  I always make sure that I get some copies to give to all my current clients in their Christmas orders.  This year’s album is called Choirs of Angels.

With every order between now and Christmas, you’ll get your own copy (while supplies last).


This is a project amongst friends. I do the layout, design and packaging, the album is produced by one of my best friends, James Conlee, and the artwork/painting is by another friend of ours, James Christensen, a famous painter whose work can be seen and purchased through Greenwich Workshops.

This year, his painting used for the cover is “Evening Angels,” which is incredibly colorful and intricate. His paintings are always incredibly captivating and really makes the entire project extra wonderful.


I design all of the CDs that James Conlee produces, and I think that this is the 14th CD I’ve designed for him. The music for this particular project was recorded with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and with The Madeleine Choir of Salt Lake City.

So for all my holiday clients that are ordering this time of year, whether you get a large collection of various wall portraits or even just reorder one small 8×10 print, I am giving you a FREE Christmas CD!  The cover painting is phenomenal, the music is phenomenal, and the whole production is worth owning! In fact, if you’re a current client and don’t have anything to order right now, still call me and stop by and I’ll make sure you get a copy too.

We are getting close to Christmas and there’s still time to get in if you’d like something wonderful. Some things can still be made up for Christmas if you call and get in quickly, 801-728-3317.  And remember, I’ll include a Christmas CD with your order.

And until next time, America.

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