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Janet’s Vacation Family Portraits at Texas Lake House, Part 1

It’s family portrait season, and I wanted to share this beautiful and extensive family shoot. I was flown to Texas to photograph this wonderful family while they would all be together on vacation at a gorgeous lake house. I’ve done a lot of work for this family over the years, and I loved seeing them all again to create these wonderful art pieces.

Here’s a video showing their wall canvas and family album. It’s best viewed full screen and in HD. ūüôā

Here’s a shot of Janet’s gorgeous album, black leather with a black leather briefcase to hold, carry, and protect the album.

Kids seem to grow the fastest between family portraits, and these kids were no different. All of the children had changed, and were so adorable and fun to work with. This image below was our favorite big group where everyone looked their best.

This Texas lake made for a wonderful backdrop.

And as you can see in the video, I spent time photographing each family, creating various groupings and ideas and even made some into paintings. Here are some of those.

After each family, I focused on couple and individual children’s portraits too, getting great expressions and capturing personality in each child.

When I was done with one family, they’d go off to play and enjoy their vacation, and I’d begin again with another family.

This beautiful little girl was getting baptized, so we created these images in her white dress to commemorate this time in her young life. I really love these images and her beautiful expressions and poses in them.

And finally, I created this trio of her funning to capture her youthfulness.

I’ll share more from this extensive shoot soon. But in the meantime, if you’d like some family portraits, give me a call at 801-728-3317. Let’s talk about your dream portrait and get something scheduled before the weather gets cold.

And until next time, America.

Cox Fall Portrait Event ‚ÄstSpecial Salt Lake & Ogden Canyon Dates

Fall is here and the leaves come and go so quickly. This year I’m doing some special dates for families in two different canyons, Salt Lake and Ogden areas. And because I’ll be shooting in the same area each day, the location fee will be drastically reduced. Plus get free Christmas cards with your wall portrait purchase too.

It’s a great time to get a wonderful location shoot in the Utah leaves. We can photograph just¬†your kids, your family, a little of both, or even block out time for your larger extended family where I can also shoot smaller individual families too.

I make family portraits painless. I work quickly, get your kids to smile and look wonderful, and we’ll get lots of variety too so you’ll have great images to pick from.

  • Salt Lake canyon on Saturday October, 14th.
  • Ogden area canyon on Friday October 20th.

Limited time slots at each location. Call me at 801-728-3317 to schedule the best time for you.


I specialize in emotionally powerful wall art, the best heirloom canvas portraits, paintings, and other gorgeous pieces that change the feeling in your home.


Let’s photograph your family or kids in the beautiful Utah fall leaves, and make up some custom wall art for your home for the holidays. Call me at 801-728-3317.

And until next time, America.

Amanda & Brant’s Family Portraits

Amanda and Brant brought their beautiful baby boy to the studio for some family portraits. I love photographing children. I love playing with them, making a connection, and getting genuine smiles and laughs for their photographs.

This adorable boy woke up on picture day sick so he wasn’t his normal happy self. The family thought about postponing their shoot, but I convinced them to come anyway. Picture day always seems to be hard. Things come up, but no matter the problem, I can almost always overcome them in the shoot and get great results. Plus I know that I’m great with kids. No matter how they’re feeling, I can get them to smile and laugh long enough for great photographs.

And sure enough, when this little boy arrived, he was immediately happy. He laughed and smiled at my antics and the shoot went beautifully. In fact he smiled and laughed so much, we all couldn’t help but laugh with him. I really love this shoot.

These were all created outdoors right here in my studio gardens. I’ve designed the grounds to have layers of green, so that I’ve got lots of angles for outdoor portraits. So as another family option, I created this painting from one of the walking images.¬†

Here is a close up from that same painting to show more detail.

And of course we needed to get some individual portraits of this cute boy. This first one shows some size perspective so that later in life he can see how little he and his hands are in comparison to his parents.

And these are him hanging out, playing, and sitting outdoors, all with a huge, genuine smile.

These three images worked really well as a set, so we did this trio. It’s designed and framed, ready to hang on the wall.

Summer is almost over. It’s a great time to get in for some family portraits along with some of the kids. And if you don’t want to travel to distant locations, right here I can do inside or outdoors in the studio garden. Give me a call at 801-728-3317.

And until next time, America.

New Orleans Street Photographs

In January, I spoke at the national photographic convention in New Orleans, called ImagingUSA. After working, and having been there before, I took some time to walk down some of my favorite streets to create some fun images.

I processed these images out using some of my new b&w and toning effects as well as come of my custom made edges that I create and sell to other photographers as well as use myself. ¬†I’m really happy with these images and how things turned out.

I feel that these images are especially interesting, and the look I’ve used just accentuates that. These images make a great series of my trip there.

It was a fun walk, but I had to hurry and move quickly through the streets so that I could catch to my flight home in time. I found it interesting how so many buildings had similar windows, stairs and textures, even though the colors where so different. The similarities really show in these b&w images.

I also walked to an old cemetery I remember finding last time I was there. I really liked this area and wished I had more time to really play and photograph the area. Nevertheless, I still created some cool images. The trick is to shoot this in such a way that you don’t show all the people walking through, or the modern buildings behind the tombs. Those things would have been very distracting in the final images.

I had to get at least one image of me, and chose to do it in an abstract way, using my shadow.

Here’s one in color. It’s the top of a pyramid shaped monument. The others I created for b&w, but this I never even tried converting it. It was meant to be in color, even though it sticks out of the series.

I love these iron gates, with the shadows they created. The lines and textures were very exciting!

So as I was¬†walking back to my hotel to head off to my flight, I passed one last time this large abandoned office building. It’s very weird to see such a large building completely empty and I had been passing it multiple times daily while there.

I also found my name on one of the sidewalks.

And finally, I created this painting while I was there using an image I took with my iPhone while going to a vendor party one night on Bourbon street.

I’m very happy with my street images and walk-about. It was a good way to end the trip.

Last time I was in New Orleans, I focused on people I saw while walking around.  This time I focused more on textures and lines.

If you’re a photographer and would like to know more about my workshops or speaking schedule, check out my workshop website at


The BEST Award Winning Wedding Albums for the BEST Images!

When you hire Bry Cox as your personal wedding artist, you get four areas of expertise ‚ÄĒ four things that no one else can match: (1) an internationally acclaimed and award winning photographer, (2) the best photographs of you and your wedding day, (3) the best album design and layout, (4) and the best built album possible!
Plus there are various collections that can be customized to fit your budget and investment level!

As one of the only Master portrait photographers in Utah, I know just how to make you look amazing and real, without making you look stiff, even in candids! ¬†I then take those beautiful images and instead of using a pre-designed, drag-and-drop album templates, or an out-of-town design house (full of people who don’t know you and weren’t at ¬†your wedding), I instead personally design each page from scratch. ¬†I design each page to be a vignette or mini story with impact and emotion, so that every page turn makes you say, “WOW!”

It’ll be completely unique because I also use my own edges, fleurs, and other embellishments that I personally have created. ¬†It’ll be unlike any album you’ve ever seen.

Finally, each double-page spread is printed as one large print, avoiding a gap or seam down the middle of the page.  Each page is coated for protection, then bonded to a stiff art board.  The pages are then book-bound by artisans in Italy into your custom first-edition book.

Why go through all this trouble? ¬†Because portraits matter! ¬†These images and album will be an heirloom for you and your future family to enjoy. ¬†There’s a lot of things that you can spend money on for your wedding, but only photographs will last generations. ¬†Everything else is gone the next day. ¬†Your photographs are an investment — they actually get more and more valuable as time goes on. ¬†Have you ever heard of someone running into a burning house to save a couch?

So why stop at the end? ¬†Why create great images, do a great design, but then finish it off in cheap book that won’t last? ¬†In fact some photographers use albums that don’t even last them a year or two as a sample. ¬†The more people look at them, the more they begin to fall apart. ¬†Mine on the other hand look brand new, even after winning awards and traveling around the country, being handled by hundreds of people at conventions and bridal shows. ¬†They really are built to last and look beautiful!

You even have your choice of covers, from a classic full leather (in black or other colors), to an etched photo metal cover (shown in top image).  And your wedding album will also be presented in a black briefcase for storage, carry, and protection.

When it comes to the best image creation, the best album design, and the best albums, nobody can do all three things at the level at which I’ll do them for YOU! ¬†Come meet with me and see them first hand to see the difference for yourself. ¬†I think you’ll find that the images, design, and workmanship will all be a perfect fit for you.

To make an appointment for a free consult, call the studio at 801-728-3317.

Then check out some entire wedding album designs here on my blog (category: Wedding Day, Albums) or on my website (click on Weddings > Albums).