Utah’s Master Photographer of the Year

Race Horses in Arkansas

While speaking in Arkansas, a photographer friend of mine out there made arrangements for me and the group I was teaching to take some photographs in the early morning light at the Oaklawn race track. It was invigorating and fun because of the cold morning air and because photography is not normally allowed there. But with our special permission, we were able to get right up close and photograph the horses training. Here are a couple of my favorites.

This first image is so great when you look at it up close. The eyes are tack sharp and the blur in the image looks fantastic. It is all natural of course, no effects, no blurring – it’s all done in the camera. I especially like the horses position in the frame and the overall shape of his feet.

On all of these, I added my new custom edges that I’ve been working on. I really like the finished look of these images.

We had free reign of the areas that no one sees, including the back. So while walking through the back area, I photographed the stables.

As I was leaving, I photographed this tree, looking up against the sky using my Lensbaby shift lens to get a real optical blur around the edges. I love how it turned out!

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The BEST Award Winning Wedding Albums for the BEST Images!

When you hire Bry Cox as your personal wedding artist, you get four areas of expertise — four things that no one else can match: (1) an internationally acclaimed and award winning photographer, (2) the best photographs of you and your wedding day, (3) the best album design and layout, (4) and the best built album possible!
Plus there are various collections that can be customized to fit your budget and investment level!

As one of the only Master portrait photographers in Utah, I know just how to make you look amazing and real, without making you look stiff, even in candids!  I then take those beautiful images and instead of using a pre-designed, drag-and-drop album templates, or an out-of-town design house (full of people who don’t know you and weren’t at  your wedding), I instead personally design each page from scratch.  I design each page to be a vignette or mini story with impact and emotion, so that every page turn makes you say, “WOW!”

It’ll be completely unique because I also use my own edges, fleurs, and other embellishments that I personally have created.  It’ll be unlike any album you’ve ever seen.

Finally, each double-page spread is printed as one large print, avoiding a gap or seam down the middle of the page.  Each page is coated for protection, then bonded to a stiff art board.  The pages are then book-bound by artisans in Italy into your custom first-edition book.

Why go through all this trouble?  Because portraits matter!  These images and album will be an heirloom for you and your future family to enjoy.  There’s a lot of things that you can spend money on for your wedding, but only photographs will last generations.  Everything else is gone the next day.  Your photographs are an investment — they actually get more and more valuable as time goes on.  Have you ever heard of someone running into a burning house to save a couch?

So why stop at the end?  Why create great images, do a great design, but then finish it off in cheap book that won’t last?  In fact some photographers use albums that don’t even last them a year or two as a sample.  The more people look at them, the more they begin to fall apart.  Mine on the other hand look brand new, even after winning awards and traveling around the country, being handled by hundreds of people at conventions and bridal shows.  They really are built to last and look beautiful!

You even have your choice of covers, from a classic full leather (in black or other colors), to an etched photo metal cover (shown in top image).  And your wedding album will also be presented in a black briefcase for storage, carry, and protection.

When it comes to the best image creation, the best album design, and the best albums, nobody can do all three things at the level at which I’ll do them for YOU!  Come meet with me and see them first hand to see the difference for yourself.  I think you’ll find that the images, design, and workmanship will all be a perfect fit for you.

To make an appointment for a free consult, call the studio at 801-728-3317.

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Catelin’s Bridals

Catelin was 11 years old when I photographed her older sister’s wedding many years ago.  Then later I photographed her brother’s wedding, and now she’s getting married!  It was so fun working with her and her family again.  I love it when I get to work with the same clients over the years and be there on the most important day of their lives.

I just finished these images for her wedding this weekend.  This was her bridal shoot and it was spectacular!

This first image was chosen as her large wall print.  I created this in my outdoor studio gardens using the fall leaves.  I shot this at a low depth to throw the background and her flowers out of focus, drawing attention to her eyes.  I love her expression in this.  She really draws you in.

While we were outside, we created a few more using the wonderful leaves, including this beautiful one.  I love the sunlight and the shadows creating beautiful abstract diagonals around her.

Because it was so cold outside, we worked mostly inside and had a ball just creating a slew of fantastic images.

This one shows off her shoes and her pretty legs.

And for years I’ve always loved to create abstract black and whites.  This one was inspired by her sash which I imagined as a long diagonal line.

And of course close-ups and mid-lenghts of varying expressions.

Because she was having a winter wedding, Catelin had a coat made for her wedding.  It was so pretty, we included it for a few images.

After her shoot I designed up a wall collage for her using some of my favorite images — images that were different, unique, and showed different sides to her personality.

And here is a trio that I designed up as well.  I love the flow of her dress in this and her smile is so great.

Soon I will have Catelin’s wedding portraits up, but for now I wanted you all to see these fantastic bridals.

If you’re getting married or it’s time again for some new family portraits for Christmas, give me a call to schedule your appointment.  801-728-3317.  My shoots are so much fun and I know just how to make you look great.  And overall, you will LOVE your images!

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Donation of $4000 to Davis Education Auction

Davis County Education asked if I would donate a portrait package to their yearly auction that raises money for schools in the Davis County area.  I donated a few packages as well as gift certificates totaling $4000.00 in all!

I stopped by that night to set up my samples, and this is how the room looked!  It was a beautiful event.

I set up my samples and hung out to answer questions with people.

They had even printed a large banner for one of my tables.  This was the largest package I offered.it was a full event and they sold not only my packages, but a lot of other things as well and raised some good money for their cause.

I’m grateful that they called me and asked me to participate.  It’s a great feeling to be able to help groups and organizations that better our society.

I’ve donated to more auctions this year, then I ever have and would love to do more.  If you’re in charge of an auction, give me a call and talk to me about your group, what you do.  I’d love to talk about possibly helping with some donations.

And if you’re a client looking for some great new photographs of your child, family, or anything else, give me a call at 801-728-3317.  Aside from studio work, the outdoor gardens right now are beautiful and it’s time to get your shoot scheduled, as the summer is already getting booked up.

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