New Portraits of KUTV News Anchors

Last night, KUTV started posting on Facebook some of the recent images I created for them of their news anchors, like this image of the morning team, Mary Nickles and Ron Bird. I thought this shoot would make a nice blog post today because I love creating great portraits and making people look great. Every shoot is different, but sometimes I create images that people can use for their business.


A shoot like this adds extra levels of difficulty, both technically (moving, setting up, and shooting in multiple locations quickly, while nailing color and lighting), as well as creatively (quickly getting strong yet believable poses that flatter, along with great expressions that draw you in).

A newsroom is a face-paced place to be with people coming and going, having only a short time for a portrait, and individual portraits are shot at different times of day and in different locations, as people can come. I have to be quick, mobile and adaptable, and fast with my setups.

So with these extra layers of difficulty, I am extra pleased with the results of this shoot.

There were a lot more images, but here are just a few of the highlights from KUTV’s favorite images. See what you think and see how many people you recognize from the news, morning, afternoon and evening.

BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1019 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1088Every team had group and individual images created in four different locations, some being in the studio and some being outside. This gives them a great mix of images to use for different purposes.

BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1438 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1532 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1543 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1558 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1699 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1737 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1809 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1863 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1930 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2000 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2022 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2032 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2108 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2143 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2312 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2394 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2414 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2574 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2695 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2794 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2866 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-3033 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-3117 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-3122 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-3180

If you need some great portraits for work or business, give me a call. I’d love to create something fantastic for you too. 801-728-3317.

Until next time, America.

New Images for Dave & Deb in the Morning, Z104 Country (KSOP)

Dave & Deb from the morning radio show at Utah’s Z104 Country KSOP, came in for some new portraits that they could use for their new billboards and website.

We shot the images on my fashion gray background because it works for so many things. It’s great just as a gray background, but it’s also great for knocking out or creating custom backgrounds later. See the difference between what I created above, and the original image below.

We had a great time joking around at the shoot, and I can see why they are so good at what they do. They are very funny and spontaneous, and very genuine too. They play well off each other, and the constant laughing made the shoot extra fun.

I really liked the black jackets they brought. The jackets made for a real lighting challenge though. I needed to light the jackets with highlights in all the right places to keep them from blocking up, and to create separation and dimension, but at the same time I also had to light their faces just right too. I really liked the end results and like the expressions and feel of the images they picked.

Of course we did some individual images as well that can be used on their website and other things.

Start looking for these images on billboards around the Salt Lake City area, and listen to their show too if you get a chance. And if you need some cool portraits for your business needs, give me a call. 801-728-3317. I know just how to make you look amazing!

Until next time, America.

Race Horses in Arkansas

While speaking in Arkansas, a photographer friend of mine out there made arrangements for me and the group I was teaching to take some photographs in the early morning light at the Oaklawn race track. It was invigorating and fun because of the cold morning air and because photography is not normally allowed there. But with our special permission, we were able to get right up close and photograph the horses training. Here are a couple of my favorites.

This first image is so great when you look at it up close. The eyes are tack sharp and the blur in the image looks fantastic. It is all natural of course, no effects, no blurring – it’s all done in the camera. I especially like the horses position in the frame and the overall shape of his feet.

On all of these, I added my new custom edges that I’ve been working on. I really like the finished look of these images.

We had free reign of the areas that no one sees, including the back. So while walking through the back area, I photographed the stables.

As I was leaving, I photographed this tree, looking up against the sky using my Lensbaby shift lens to get a real optical blur around the edges. I love how it turned out!

If you’re in need of some really great images, whether it be some unique art for your wall or some custom family portraits, give me a call. Spring is here and it’s a great time to get in. 801-728-3317. And check out my main website too if you’re new to my work,