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Bry Cox Playing Guitar at Soirée (Original Songs and Performances)

I played some of my original songs again at a recent house concert with my friends, but this time I brought my harmonizing voice pedal.  So besides guitar, harmonica and voice, I added the harmonizer pedal which doubles my voice into different harmonies on the chorus.  You can see me working the pedal as I play.

I’ve posted two of the four songs that I played that night.  Sadly, the other 2 didn’t get recorded.  But have a listen and enjoy!

(Click on the photo above or this link to see the YouTube video. http://youtu.be/NFCxJDV-PS0)

As I mention in this first clip, everything is improvised.  I have only written down the lyrics and chords so that I can reference them as I play.  But everything else comes as I play and as I feel.  I really like the jamming and harmonica breaks on this first song!

(Click on the photo above or this link to see the YouTube video. http://youtu.be/gLrZ2UWUhHs)

It’s always fun to play and I’m trying to do it more often.  In the past, I have pretty much written songs and then put them in my book, not doing much with them after that.  But sharing them and playing them is very fullfilling.

Well, thanks for listening!

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Annie Rosevear Releases Music on iTunes, Recorded at Bry Cox Studio

My friend Annie Rosevear, who you may remember from this past blog post where we did music portraits, recently came over and used my sound studio to record, “Master, the Tempest is Raging.”  It sounds so amazing!

Annie is incredibly talented and she personally did everything on this project including the arranging, mixing, production and mastering, as well as playing many instruments on it as well including flute and piano.

Here’s a short 1 minute video clip of her and her group recording at my place.

(And here’s another link in case the YouTube video doesn’t show above.)

You may notice from this video, that all the musicians are playing and recording each of their own tracks at the same time.  You may think that this is how music is normally recorded, but this is very unusual actually.

It’s easier to have everyone record separately, each laying down their own track in silence, then it is to record everyone’s tracks simultaneously.  Annie however, really wanted to record this way so that the final recording would have the soul and vibe of a combo playing together.  The result is fantastic!  Her vision was perfect!

We recorded everything here, then she took the files with her to personally mix, master and produce the final track.  It is now on iTunes and I am seriously blown away by her talent, and ability to do so much and wear so many hats in the music realm.  She really is amazing!

I urge everyone reading this to download her song from iTunes.  It is only 99 cents and is incredibly moving and inspirational.

Master, The Tempest is Raging - Single - Annie Rosevear

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Bry Cox Playing Guitar at Summer Soirée (Original Songs and Performances)

Last night was the Summer Soirée party put on by some friends of mine.  One of the hosts, Kevin, is a chef and prepared all sorts of Hors d’œuvres and food.  It was a dressy affair, and he asked me and some other musicians to play a few songs.

I played three original songs, and have the video here on my blog for you all to see.

The first song is called ‘Stupid Girl.’

And here’s a youtube link in case you read this in a blog reader (like facebook) that removes the video above. Just click on the photo.

The next song is called, ‘Wouldn’t it Be Nice.’  I wrote this a few years ago.

and a separate youtube link again in case the video above doesn’t show up.

Then I came back at the end of the night and played one last encore song, called ‘What’s Holding You Back.’

…and a separate link.

It was a fun night and I love the opportunity to play, especially for friends.

In my last music post when I played ‘Blue Eyes,’ I asked people if I should post more music here on my business blog.  Friends and others have both emailed and told me in person that they really liked the music on the blog and wanted more.  So that’s why I shot video of this and posted these three songs on here.

I took snapshot photos from the night too, but won’t post them here, because there’s too many and are probably only intersting to my close friends.  But for my friends, I did post them on facebook.

Well, thanks for listening!

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Bry Cox – ‘Blue Eyes’ (Original Song, Live Performance)

This week our LDS singles ward was broken up and we held one last party, a talent show on Monday night.  There were a lot of wonderful performances by so many in our ward, and I participated by singing an original song.

I played the guitar and harmonica and posted a video of it on my facebook for my friends to see.  A few people including my mom have since asked how they could see it or share it with people who weren’t my friends on facebook.  So today I posted it on my YouTube channel and put it here in my blog.

I have written a lot of ‘love-gone-wrong’ songs over the years which is usually what I perform.  Like the blues, they are always fun to listen to and play, and everyone seems to be in the mood for that kind of song, no matter where they are in life — if your relationship’s good or bad, you always like hearing the blues.  Also, ‘love-gone-wrong’ songs are easier to perform as they don’t require me to open up my heart or show any vulnerability.

However, I have written some really cool love songs that I really like and feel are fantastic and moving.  My favorites grow on me and get stuck in my head, yet I never play them in front of people because they seem too personal.

I admire my favorite songwriters, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Glen Hansard for their ability to write such great love songs.  I am amazed at their ability to be honest in their writing and for their willingness to be vulnerable and open to playing them and sharing them with the public.  It’s hard to play such deep and heartfelt songs in front of an audience knowing that many people will not even understand or appreciate them at all.  It’s one thing to hide behind someone else’s song, but it’s another to play your own.

So (1) based on the inspiration of my favorite songwriters, and (2) feeling that I always need to push myself into new and uncomfortable territory in life, and (3) because girls said they wanted to hear a love song and appreciated seeing more of that side of me, and (4) realizing that this was the last time I would see some of good friends from my ward for some time, ………I played a love song!

It’s a song I wrote while missing someone.  I was out of town on work, thinking of someone too much, and wrote this on the plane ride home looking out the window.  I have for years had my seat preferences set up with Delta so that I always get the window seat.  I love looking out at the world and taking that time to just think and ponder, and on this occasion with my head full of thoughts, I landed with a new and cool song.

Bry Cox playing the guitar and harmonica while singing

(This photo was taken by Sister Sansom, the wife of my bishop.  I appreciate her taking this as I never really ever get photos of myself, especially playing the guitar!  Thank you, Sister Sansom!)

Well take a listen and tell me what you think.  And let me know if you think I should put more posts up like this too.  I was a musician before I was a photographer, and though photography is my life and business, I will always be an artist and music is a big part of that.  The music side of me really helps the photography side. So on that ‘note,’ I’m off.  Thanks for listening!

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