Annie Rosevear Releases Music on iTunes, Recorded at Bry Cox Studio

My friend Annie Rosevear, who you may remember from this past blog post where we did music portraits, recently came over and used my sound studio to record, “Master, the Tempest is Raging.”  It sounds so amazing!

Annie is incredibly talented and she personally did everything on this project including the arranging, mixing, production and mastering, as well as playing many instruments on it as well including flute and piano.

Here’s a short 1 minute video clip of her and her group recording at my place.

(And here’s another link in case the YouTube video doesn’t show above.)

You may notice from this video, that all the musicians are playing and recording each of their own tracks at the same time.  You may think that this is how music is normally recorded, but this is very unusual actually.

It’s easier to have everyone record separately, each laying down their own track in silence, then it is to record everyone’s tracks simultaneously.  Annie however, really wanted to record this way so that the final recording would have the soul and vibe of a combo playing together.  The result is fantastic!  Her vision was perfect!

We recorded everything here, then she took the files with her to personally mix, master and produce the final track.  It is now on iTunes and I am seriously blown away by her talent, and ability to do so much and wear so many hats in the music realm.  She really is amazing!

I urge everyone reading this to download her song from iTunes.  It is only 99 cents and is incredibly moving and inspirational.

Master, The Tempest is Raging - Single - Annie Rosevear

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