Bry Cox Playing Guitar at Summer Soirée (Original Songs and Performances)

Last night was the Summer Soirée party put on by some friends of mine.  One of the hosts, Kevin, is a chef and prepared all sorts of Hors d’œuvres and food.  It was a dressy affair, and he asked me and some other musicians to play a few songs.

I played three original songs, and have the video here on my blog for you all to see.

The first song is called ‘Stupid Girl.’

And here’s a youtube link in case you read this in a blog reader (like facebook) that removes the video above. Just click on the photo.

The next song is called, ‘Wouldn’t it Be Nice.’  I wrote this a few years ago.

and a separate youtube link again in case the video above doesn’t show up.

Then I came back at the end of the night and played one last encore song, called ‘What’s Holding You Back.’

…and a separate link.

It was a fun night and I love the opportunity to play, especially for friends.

In my last music post when I played ‘Blue Eyes,’ I asked people if I should post more music here on my business blog.  Friends and others have both emailed and told me in person that they really liked the music on the blog and wanted more.  So that’s why I shot video of this and posted these three songs on here.

I took snapshot photos from the night too, but won’t post them here, because there’s too many and are probably only intersting to my close friends.  But for my friends, I did post them on facebook.

Well, thanks for listening!

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