Bry Cox Playing Guitar at Soirée (Original Songs and Performances)

I played some of my original songs again at a recent house concert with my friends, but this time I brought my harmonizing voice pedal.  So besides guitar, harmonica and voice, I added the harmonizer pedal which doubles my voice into different harmonies on the chorus.  You can see me working the pedal as I play.

I’ve posted two of the four songs that I played that night.  Sadly, the other 2 didn’t get recorded.  But have a listen and enjoy!

(Click on the photo above or this link to see the YouTube video.

As I mention in this first clip, everything is improvised.  I have only written down the lyrics and chords so that I can reference them as I play.  But everything else comes as I play and as I feel.  I really like the jamming and harmonica breaks on this first song!

(Click on the photo above or this link to see the YouTube video.

It’s always fun to play and I’m trying to do it more often.  In the past, I have pretty much written songs and then put them in my book, not doing much with them after that.  But sharing them and playing them is very fullfilling.

Well, thanks for listening!

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