New Portraits of KUTV News Anchors

Last night, KUTV started posting on Facebook some of the recent images I created for them of their news anchors, like this image of the morning team, Mary Nickles and Ron Bird. I thought this shoot would make a nice blog post today because I love creating great portraits and making people look great. Every shoot is different, but sometimes I create images that people can use for their business.


A shoot like this adds extra levels of difficulty, both technically (moving, setting up, and shooting in multiple locations quickly, while nailing color and lighting), as well as creatively (quickly getting strong yet believable poses that flatter, along with great expressions that draw you in).

A newsroom is a face-paced place to be with people coming and going, having only a short time for a portrait, and individual portraits are shot at different times of day and in different locations, as people can come. I have to be quick, mobile and adaptable, and fast with my setups.

So with these extra layers of difficulty, I am extra pleased with the results of this shoot.

There were a lot more images, but here are just a few of the highlights from KUTV’s favorite images. See what you think and see how many people you recognize from the news, morning, afternoon and evening.

BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1019 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1088Every team had group and individual images created in four different locations, some being in the studio and some being outside. This gives them a great mix of images to use for different purposes.

BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1438 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1532 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1543 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1558 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1699 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1737 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1809 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1863 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-1930 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2000 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2022 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2032 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2108 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2143 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2312 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2394 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2414 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2574 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2695 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2794 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-2866 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-3033 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-3117 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-3122 BryCox_KUTV-Nov'12-3180

If you need some great portraits for work or business, give me a call. I’d love to create something fantastic for you too. 801-728-3317.

Until next time, America.

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