New Images for Dave & Deb in the Morning, Z104 Country (KSOP)

Dave & Deb from the morning radio show at Utah’s Z104 Country KSOP, came in for some new portraits that they could use for their new billboards and website.

We shot the images on my fashion gray background because it works for so many things. It’s great just as a gray background, but it’s also great for knocking out or creating custom backgrounds later. See the difference between what I created above, and the original image below.

We had a great time joking around at the shoot, and I can see why they are so good at what they do. They are very funny and spontaneous, and very genuine too. They play well off each other, and the constant laughing made the shoot extra fun.

I really liked the black jackets they brought. The jackets made for a real lighting challenge though. I needed to light the jackets with highlights in all the right places to keep them from blocking up, and to create separation and dimension, but at the same time I also had to light their faces just right too. I really liked the end results and like the expressions and feel of the images they picked.

Of course we did some individual images as well that can be used on their website and other things.

Start looking for these images on billboards around the Salt Lake City area, and listen to their show too if you get a chance. And if you need some cool portraits for your business needs, give me a call. 801-728-3317. I know just how to make you look amazing!

Until next time, America.

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  1. In my humble opinion, no woman likes to be referred to as “sturdy,” Dave. I do not care how cheerful and understanding Deb is, she deserves better than that from you. You have a large following of young people (many of my 26 grandchildren) that need a good example to follow. All other things considered, I love your show in the morning.

  2. I am a paratranit driver of utah county you both make my morning , every morning! Thank you for the laughs!!

  3. Moved to Cache Valley – had to buy satellite radio – for ONE reason. To listen to the radio show, that gives it all, every morning.

  4. My grandma listens to you every morning and you make her smile and laugh so much, thank you for your amazing radio station !

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