wall portraits

It’s Time for Beautiful Outdoor Family Portraits at Bry Cox Studio

Warm weather is here, the studio gardens are in bloom, and it is time for creating fantastic and artistic family portrait heirlooms.

Look at this wonderful family portrait. I always like to create a few variations for the big family portrait so that clients can pick the one that matches the feel and mood of their own family. This image was their favorite grouping, a square composition with the children all leaning in close. I love the feel of this. Everyone has a beautiful and natural smile, everyone looks great, and is lit and posed wonderfully.

As another option, I also created a painting of them walking through the studio gardens as well. Images like this are great for hanging in another room.

After the big group, I like to focus on each child and create something unique of each one. I focus on personality and work on getting sparkle in the expression, as well as using custom and exquisite lighting that flatters each person, as well as creating depth and contrast.

The result should be captivating and real. Strangers should be wowed by it and feel like they know the person by the genuine expression, and there should be depth created by the lighting that makes you feel like you can step into the image.

Individual portraits of family members are great for creating wall collages and groupings for other parts of the house. Later, each image can be moved into a child’s room as the groupings in the main rooms are updated.

Decades later, when each child has moved on in life and gone their own ways, each of these images will be invaluable to them as well as other loved ones.

We can even do a mix of portraits in the studio at the same appointment if you’d like a different look.

Your family’s schedule in the summer can be extra busy and it can be hard to get everyone together, but creating these memories is invaluable and now is the best time to get into the studio.

Call now check availability and to see what specials may apply. Give me a call at 801-728-3317 to schedule a time.