BlackRapid Motorcycle Ride 2015

For two weeks, BlackRapid (maker of the coolest and fastest camera straps) is on a motorcycle tour of the backcountry of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and California as part of their #livethemoment mantra.


The night before the ride, they used my place to setup and prep for the next morning. And I have to admit that I really liked having these cool bikes in my driveway and parked in my garage for the night.BryCox_BlackRapid_01

The next morning we had a 70% chance of rain so we trailered some bikes behind the BlackRapid support van while Mike Ridinger and I rode our bikes and we headed out to Pictureline in Salt Lake City for some strap giveaways. BryCox_BlackRapid_04

Here’s a closeup of BlackRapid founder and owner, Ron Henry, his wife Shawna, and my good friend Mike Ridinger, a serious and long-time biker.BryCox_BlackRapid_06

Here’s a shot I took of Mike as we rode into Salt Lake City that morning, with storm clouds looming around us, and a bit of light rain.© BryCox.com, Bry Cox

Once we arrived at Pictureline, the sky cleared up. Even the weather apps changed to show better weather. Here, the BlackRapid team set up and gave away straps for a few hours, answered questions, and let people try out the straps with their own cameras.BryCox_BlackRapid_08

Then by early afternoon we headed south towards Moab. I had to be back for appointments the next day, so I just rode for the day with the team. We had wet roads most of the way, got a little rain, but never anything too bad. In fact we watched heavy storms pass to the right, the left, in front and behind, but never right on us. Here is Ron on his Harley.


Mike on his chopper. BryCox_BlackRapid_12

And yes, these were taken one-handed as I rode, using a BlackRapid strap. I didn’t look through the camera obviously, just held it out and shot guessing by instinct on the composition. I really like this one below with my handlebars and Mike and Ron in the distance.© BryCox.com, Bry Cox

Here’s Shawna on my bike during a gas break.BryCox_BlackRapid_09

Part of the fun of being on a bike is that you are out in the environment, you feel everything, smell everything, and you see the entire sky, and not just the frame of a sky through a car window. And the sky that day with the storm clouds was unbelievable. © BryCox.com, Bry Cox

We were always seeing storms to the side and behind us, smelling the rain, feeling the wind, but never a huge downpour on us. Here’s an iPhone pic I took of our bikes with the support van as we watched a storm to our left and one in front as well blow by.BryCox_BlackRapid_16

Here’s Mike with that storm in the distance, sporting a small BlackRapid strap for his point-and-shoot.BryCox_BlackRapid_17

Below is an image of another great storm to our side, and the clouds and light were perfect. Mike pulled over to shoot it and I had to do the same.

© BryCox.com, Bry Cox

I took one of it too with my iPhone so I’d have something to post to social media accounts that day as we were riding. This is one of my favorite iPhone images from the day.


And this rainbow was to our left as we approached Moab.


After reaching Moab, we ate dinner and I as they settled in to camp, I got back on my bike and headed home so I’d be back for my appointments the next day.

Well that is just DAY 1, and for me it was a 550 mile ride round-trip ride. But the BlackRapid team will be riding for two weeks and you can follow the trip on BlackRapid’s social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as Mike’s Instagram and Facebook account.

And if you’d like to see what I posted from my phone (besides this blog post) they’re on my iPhone Instagram account as well as to my personal Facebook page, using #BlackRapidMotorcycle2015.

Until next time, America.

Pictureline Blog Article – Model Shoot Testing Rogue Flash Gear

About a week ago, I told you I had a cool shoot to share. Well this is it. Pictureline, which is my favorite camera store in the country, asked me to review the Rogue line of flash diffusers for a blog article. I tested the pieces by taking a model out to shoot in high-bright sun, low sun, bright shade, and deep shade.

See the images I created along with my setups in the article today at http://www.pictureline.com/blog/rogue-flashbender-review-and-giveaway-with-bry-cox/



I want to thank Pictureline for asking me to do this. They are a fantastic store with a fantastic staff. Being a photographer, random people are always asking me what camera or lens they should buy. Though I may share my opinions, there really are too many options now for consumers, especially those who are not full-time pros. The best place to get advice and to buy any gear whether you’re a pro or not, is at Pictureline in Salt Lake. Even if you live further away, they are still the best place. If you go there, you’ll see why it’s my favorite store.

Well until next time, America.

Bry Cox on the Back of Zion’s Bank Community Magazine

Hitting 60,000 mailboxes right now is the Sep-Oct Edition of Community Magazine by Zion’s Bank. On the back is a full-page Pictureline ad featuring me and one of my favorite images.

There is a caption next to my photo. It’s my testimonial of Pictureline that reads:

When I started my studio seventeen years ago, pictureline was there to support me. The store is clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the staff is very knowledgeable. They’ve made my business and priority, and because of that I consider them friends and I value their advice.

There’s nothing that compares to holding and trying new cameras or equipment out first hand, and buying locally will ensure that I get the very best quality and support possible. We’re lucky to have pictureline in our backyard. – Bry Cox

The image chosen for the ad was from a fantastic and exciting shoot that I previously posted here on my blog, and below here is a video showing the entire shoot. You really need to see this video. Every single image is amazing.

If you get this magazine, make sure you turn it over and take a look at this. I really love this photograph and it was a real honor to be asked to be apart of this ad. I love photography, the entire photographic industry, and Jens not only has an amazing store, but he’s a great supporter of photographers and the industry. I really appreciate being associated with Pictureline and I hope that this ad does well for them.


Bry Cox Featured on Pictureline’s Blog – Wedding Equipment & Preparedness

I was interviewed by Pictureline for their blog on my equipment list and my approach to preparedness and problem solving for weddings. It’s a short read, and as you will see, my approach is simple — be over prepared. When people are putting the most important events of their lives in your hands, to me, that’s the mark of a real professional.

Drunk people run into you and spill drinks on your gear, old people and kids knock things over, hot-shoes break off, cords start to short, batteries and cameras sometimes just stop working, extreme weather, temperature and humidity cause failures, and leafs and curtains sometimes jam up causing a colossal lens or camera failure. All of these things have happened to me at weddings and I’ve been prepared because of my rule of three.

Check out the article here. http://www.pictureline.com/blog/bry-coxs-wedding-gear-on-the-go/


(Pictureline is the best camera store in the country. Their staff is the most knowledgeable of any I’ve seen anywhere, and they’re the nicest too.)

Bry Cox Interviewed on What to Look for in a Photographer (Pictureline)

I was interviewed to help brides on how to pick a wedding photographer, and the article published today. Brides are confused as the term “professional” has been muddied. There is nothing wrong with being a new photographer, but there should be disclosure and brides should know what they’re paying for when they hire someone to cover one of the biggest events of their lives.

If you’re a bride and you follow the help in this article, no matter what level of photographer you hire, you should have a much better knowledge of what you’re getting beforehand.


Speaking at Pictureline & Time Lapse Photography

This week I spoke at Pictureline in Salt Lake, for the regions largest photo trade show called DigitalFest.  Pictureline is my favorite camera store and I love them for their ability to do an amazing job at everything — their staff is wonderful and knowledgeable, they carry everything, their store is always immaculate, beautiful and clean, and their events are fantastic.  They do what others don’t and really pay attention to the details.  As an artist and a businessman, I love that!  It was an honor to be asked to speak there.

I was told that my class was the first to fill up and that they actually oversold my class.  The event went great and I loved the opportunity to help and inspire others.

But I was also inspired with some new ideas.  I stayed and watched one of the other speakers, Alex Buono who is the Director of Photography for the Saturday Night Live Film Unit.  He shoots all of their parody commercials and the opening sequences for SNL.  You would definitely know his work.

Watching Alex, I was inspired to do a time lapse photography video.  He has one he did that is now the opening sequence of SNL, and it gave me an idea.  Sunday morning, I mounted a camera to the side of my car, and created a time-lapse video of me driving to Salt Lake.  Here is the result.

If you’re a photographer and would like to attend one of my workshops, check the schedule and sign up on my email list at BryCoxWORKSHOPS.com.  And or everyone else, browse my main website, BryCox.com and my blog at BryCox.com/blog and give me a call if you need some new portraits for your business, or family.  801-728-3317.