Pictureline Blog Article – Model Shoot Testing Rogue Flash Gear

About a week ago, I told you I had a cool shoot to share. Well this is it. Pictureline, which is my favorite camera store in the country, asked me to review the Rogue line of flash diffusers for a blog article. I tested the pieces by taking a model out to shoot in high-bright sun, low sun, bright shade, and deep shade.

See the images I created along with my setups in the article today at http://www.pictureline.com/blog/rogue-flashbender-review-and-giveaway-with-bry-cox/



I want to thank Pictureline for asking me to do this. They are a fantastic store with a fantastic staff. Being a photographer, random people are always asking me what camera or lens they should buy. Though I may share my opinions, there really are too many options now for consumers, especially those who are not full-time pros. The best place to get advice and to buy any gear whether you’re a pro or not, is at Pictureline in Salt Lake. Even if you live further away, they are still the best place. If you go there, you’ll see why it’s my favorite store.

Well until next time, America.

Speaking at Pictureline & Time Lapse Photography

This week I spoke at Pictureline in Salt Lake, for the regions largest photo trade show called DigitalFest.  Pictureline is my favorite camera store and I love them for their ability to do an amazing job at everything — their staff is wonderful and knowledgeable, they carry everything, their store is always immaculate, beautiful and clean, and their events are fantastic.  They do what others don’t and really pay attention to the details.  As an artist and a businessman, I love that!  It was an honor to be asked to speak there.

I was told that my class was the first to fill up and that they actually oversold my class.  The event went great and I loved the opportunity to help and inspire others.

But I was also inspired with some new ideas.  I stayed and watched one of the other speakers, Alex Buono who is the Director of Photography for the Saturday Night Live Film Unit.  He shoots all of their parody commercials and the opening sequences for SNL.  You would definitely know his work.

Watching Alex, I was inspired to do a time lapse photography video.  He has one he did that is now the opening sequence of SNL, and it gave me an idea.  Sunday morning, I mounted a camera to the side of my car, and created a time-lapse video of me driving to Salt Lake.  Here is the result.

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