Bry Cox, Featured Article in Texas Professional Photographer Magazine, Oct-Nov 2012

Are you a professional photographer in Texas? Check your current copy of Texas Professional Photographer Magazine for an article I wrote, called “Preparedness & Optimism – Dealing with Uncertain Times Ahead.”

Here’s what the cover looks like…

…And here is my article.

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Bry Cox Featured on Pictureline’s Blog – Wedding Equipment & Preparedness

I was interviewed by Pictureline for their blog on my equipment list and my approach to preparedness and problem solving for weddings. It’s a short read, and as you will see, my approach is simple — be over prepared. When people are putting the most important events of their lives in your hands, to me, that’s the mark of a real professional.

Drunk people run into you and spill drinks on your gear, old people and kids knock things over, hot-shoes break off, cords start to short, batteries and cameras sometimes just stop working, extreme weather, temperature and humidity cause failures, and leafs and curtains sometimes jam up causing a colossal lens or camera failure. All of these things have happened to me at weddings and I’ve been prepared because of my rule of three.

Check out the article here.


(Pictureline is the best camera store in the country. Their staff is the most knowledgeable of any I’ve seen anywhere, and they’re the nicest too.)

Bry Cox Interviewed on What to Look for in a Photographer (Pictureline)

I was interviewed to help brides on how to pick a wedding photographer, and the article published today. Brides are confused as the term “professional” has been muddied. There is nothing wrong with being a new photographer, but there should be disclosure and brides should know what they’re paying for when they hire someone to cover one of the biggest events of their lives.

If you’re a bride and you follow the help in this article, no matter what level of photographer you hire, you should have a much better knowledge of what you’re getting beforehand.