Outdoor Snow Portraits of Lowe Family

Christmas is a great time for creating family portraits because it’s one of the rare times that families are all together. For lots of reasons, snow is really difficult to shoot in, but when done right it makes a great backdrop and can set a mood of warmth and love.

Here is the Lowe family that I photographed during their vacation outside their cabin in the Utah mountains, one of the rare times they were all together because they are a family of traveling world-class musicians (


Being a family of performers, they are also very fun with each other and somehow the idea of a crazy photo came up, so we created this one as well.


If your family is going to be together for the holidays and you would like me to come create an updated family portrait, then give me a call, 801-728-3317. It could be outside or even inside your home. Call me and we can talk about options.

And until next time, America.


Portrait for American Idol’s Carmen Rasmusen’s New Project

Carmen Rasmusen has recorded a new project for Desert Book, a talk on CD!  For the project, she came in for a fun photo shoot to get a great image for the cover of the CD.   This was the favorite and ended up being the cover.

It was a fun shoot and we created some amazing images  — some smiling, some serious, some color, and some black and white.  Here is another one of my favorites.

But in the end, the top image won out and the CD is now finished and on shelves.  Here’s an image I took with my iPhone while strolling through the store.

You can get the CD here from the official Deseret Book shopping site,  Also, check out Carmen’s commentaries as a blogger for the Desert News.  Good luck on your new CD, Carmen!

Dallin’s High School Senior Portraits

Senior shoots are so fun.  I get to do all the fun fashion stuff that I love to do, and seniors love it!  Dallin came in for senior portraits and here’s some of my favorites from the shoot.  This first one is on my magazine background, and uses one of my custom pealed edges.  It has a cool retro feel.

Dallin did the Senior Mix Session, which includes both Color and B&W, both indoor and outdoor portraits using a number of sets, and multiple clothing changes.  We mixed looks and created images that show his interests and hobbies.

I love this one below of Dallin playing the guitar.  I toned it with as a multi-tone b&w, and then added some light-leaks on the corners.  Originally when I was shooting the image, I wanted it to look like a band poster.  Now I can totally imagine text on it, advertising his next show.

We also did some cool black and whites in the studio, using some high-contrast fashion style lighting.  This first in a casual shirt, and the second in his letterman’s jacket.

Then some dressy images in the studio and out.  One of my favorites was this outdoor image, taken in my studio gardens.

And then finishing up with some cool images that use his various school jackets.  This first was with his officer’s jacket and his guitar.  I used a set that consisted all of browns, to match his clothing.

And this second with his leather letterman’s jacket and riding a motorcycle.

If YOU are a high school senior and would like a Senior Mix Session like Dallin that shows off you and your personality, give me a call to schedule your appointment.  801-728-3317. 

You know that you are only a senior once, so don’t settle for photographers who try and copy my style and look.  If you want real magazine-style images, remember that my images are used by Capitol Records, national and international magazines like Billboard Magazine and American Girl Magazine.  I have photographed a lot of famous people like Lee-Ann Rimes, Olivia Newton-John, Mitt Romney, and the last four Utah Governors (to name a few).



If a Senior Mix Session doesn’t fit what you need, I have other options including a sale right now for only $199 which includes the session fee, 1 outfit, 2-5x7s, 8-wallets of your favorite pose, and a digital copy for facebook and your iPhone.  Give me a call now to set up your time or call me to ask any questions you may have.  801-728-3317.


And visit the senior web page to be entered for prizes and to get more info.