Carmen Rasmusen Herbert

Portrait for American Idol’s Carmen Rasmusen’s New Project

Carmen Rasmusen has recorded a new project for Desert Book, a talk on CD!  For the project, she came in for a fun photo shoot to get a great image for the cover of the CD.   This was the favorite and ended up being the cover.

It was a fun shoot and we created some amazing images  — some smiling, some serious, some color, and some black and white.  Here is another one of my favorites.

But in the end, the top image won out and the CD is now finished and on shelves.  Here’s an image I took with my iPhone while strolling through the store.

You can get the CD here from the official Deseret Book shopping site,  Also, check out Carmen’s commentaries as a blogger for the Desert News.  Good luck on your new CD, Carmen!