Outdoor Snow Portraits of Lowe Family

Christmas is a great time for creating family portraits because it’s one of the rare times that families are all together. For lots of reasons, snow is really difficult to shoot in, but when done right it makes a great backdrop and can set a mood of warmth and love.

Here is the Lowe family that I photographed during their vacation outside their cabin in the Utah mountains, one of the rare times they were all together because they are a family of traveling world-class musicians (9Lowes.com).


Being a family of performers, they are also very fun with each other and somehow the idea of a crazy photo came up, so we created this one as well.


If your family is going to be together for the holidays and you would like me to come create an updated family portrait, then give me a call, 801-728-3317. It could be outside or even inside your home. Call me and we can talk about options.

And until next time, America.