Salt Lake Temple

Josi’s Salt Lake Temple Wedding Sneak Peek

I photographed Josi’s wedding at the Salt Lake LDS Temple and it was a gorgeous and hot day, and I wanted to share with you some early images as a sneak peek before the album is finished.

I like to start off my album designs with a really cool art piece of the wedding location. So while waiting for the couple to come out on this hot day, I went with a dark sky and this black & white image of the temple. I like the shapes and wispiness of the clouds mixed with the solid lines of the temple.


When the couple came out, we created various group portraits, then left the group to focus on just the couple before their luncheon. We went all over the temple grounds creating images. Here are some of my favorites. A nice warm day with the right use of lighting means a deep, dark blue sky and vivid greens. Mix that with a beautiful couple and some romantic compositions and we have these stark and gorgeous wedding portraits.

I’ve had clients look at canvas portraits on the wall here at the studio or flip through my albums and say, “I like the ‘coloring’ of your images. They feel so real.”

I myself would never use the word, “coloring,” but I get what they are trying to say. Other photographers create images that feel flat, they then add skin retouching and effects that make people look like fake rubber. In contrast, none of these images have any skin retouching or effects. They are real images created with great lighting, and my techniques mean images that feel three-dimensional, with colors that pop, and a feeling of complete reality if not being romantically surreal.


The wind was kicking in here and there throughout the shoot, and I think wind adds romance to a portrait. So after getting set up in this spot I had them hold their kiss, waiting for the wind to move her dress in just the right way.

Cox_JParker-W-1134-Edge And I really like this dip with this graphic and symmetrical background.

Cox_JParker-W-1154-EdgeThe actual wedding album design takes a while because of the level of quality. Nevertheless when it is done, I will post about it here too. Of course you can see me explaining and showing how my albums look in a video post here. If you are getting married, you need to come in and see my work first hand. Give me a call and let’s talk about your big day. 801-728-3317

My studio is located in Utah outside of Salt Lake City in Davis County. I do work all over Utah and the United States however, and can give you an idea of price over the phone.

And until next time, America.

Janae’s Bountiful Temple Wedding Sneak Peek

I just photographed Janae’s wedding at the Bountiful Utah LDS temple. Being late spring/early summer, we had some awesome storm clouds. That meant that with the right lighting, I could create dramatic images with this awesome sky. It was an exciting day to be out photographing a wedding. And here are some early images for you all to see.


Even if you don’t know this couple, you can tell that they are great together. They were happy to be with each other and were very photogenic. It made for some amazing images. As you can see from these early previews, the wedding was phenomenal. I can’t wait to finish this album design.Cox_JRichey-W-1191-edge

I love the romance and feeling in these images and can imagine any of these as beautiful wall prints.Cox_JRichey-W-1237-edge Cox_JRichey-W-1241-bw-edge

The actual wedding album design takes a while because of the level of quality that I produce. Nevertheless when it is done, I will post about it here too. But in the meantime, you can check out this couple’s bridals shoot that included the groom. Just a few days before the wedding, the bride flew into town and we squeezed in a quick shoot that I posted here on my blog.

So if you are getting married, you need to come in and see my work first hand. I have posts that talk about my wedding albums, but it still doesn’t do justice to seeing them first hand. Give me a call and let’s talk about your big day. 801-728-3317

And until next time, America.

Ben & Marisa’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple in Winter

One of my favorite things about photographing a wedding is delivering the final album to the couple. A wedding requires a lot of prep time, a jam-packed day and night of shooting the event artistically, and then quite a bit of time afterwards to design and produce one of my award-winning albums. During this entire process, I am thinking about how the end product will look, I’m designing it all, and when I finally see it finished, I can’t wait for the wedding couple to see it and enjoy it. Delivering it personally is part of my pay artistically. I love delivering albums!

Ben and Marisa’s album was gorgeous and looked extra beautiful with its custom metal cover. It’s hard to describe how pretty it is online, but here are some of their images. It was a cold day but the images look warm, romantic, and beautiful.


And here some of my favorite pages from their book to share. Keep in mind that these are double page spreads, folded down the middle, with each half measuring about 10×13 inches. That makes for an impressive and large spread when laid open.


This couple has been so great to work with and they are a great couple together. You can really see their love and excitement in these images, and it made photographing their wedding a joy.


I’m one of the few Master/Craftsman photographers based in Utah, and do a lot of weddings of all faiths. However some years most of my weddings I photograph are Mormon weddings at the LDS temple in Salt Lake City, like this one. It’s a gorgeous place to shoot and I love it when there’s drama in the sky and bad weather. It makes for some memorable images. In fact the first wedding I photographed almost 20 years ago, I shot here at the Salt Lake temple on a very snowy day.


If you follow my blog, you may remember this couple’s engagement and bridal portraits, which you can see here. They too are gorgeous and fun.

And if you haven’t seen my awesome wedding albums, then check them out in this short video…

Well if you’re getting married, give me a call. I can do your wedding, or just bridals or engagements or even everything together. No matter what you hire me to do, you’ll know you’ll get the best portraits possible. 801-728-3317.

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A Sneak Peek from Kami’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

This weekend I photographed Kami and Mark’s wedding at the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful and windy spring day. The air was refreshingly brisk and though it never rained, the sky had drama. It made for a great environment to create some very romantic wedding images. I really love weather! Here are a couple early favorites that really stand out to me. This is a great couple and were a blast to work with.



Now that the wedding is shot, I begin the sorting process. I look through each image and begin laying out their big and beautiful album. That is a long process and today is the first overview. And as I was looking at them, I thought it’d be fun to share a few exciting images right now before things get designed. The bride and groom are off on their honeymoon, and I hope they see these gorgeous images today.


If you’d like to see how my albums are finished, check out this video. My albums continue to win awards.

 So if you’re a bride, give me a call. Let’s create something amazing for your wedding. 801-728-3317

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Rachelle’s Wedding Album On a Rainy Day at the Salt Lake Temple & Utah State Capitol Building

I’m so excited for you to see Rachelle’s wedding album. You may have seen her bridals in a previous post, but now her album is completely finished.

Here is a video of me showing the album, page by page. It ends with a slideshow of each page so you can really see the images.

Rachelle’s wedding was at the Salt Lake Temple with reception at the Salt Lake Capitol building. The weather report projected bad weather, but the day surprised us. It started out sunny but cool still, but soon turned to a very heavy rainstorm which was a lot of fun photographically and made for some fun wedding memories.


I love weddings for both the romance in the air as well as the artistic challenge involved. I love creating something awesome for each client, no matter what. When you look at this wedding, you’ll notice that every page spread is gorgeous and it doesn’t matter the time of day, location, or weather. The entire album is magical, and for years they will be able to look through this book and remember their day.

Weddings are a big deal to me, and nothing about how I create products for weddings is half-hearted. Every wedding I do is finished in one of my award winning wedding albums like this, as well as an Italian made briefcase to carry the album in. To see more about my wedding albums, see this past blog entry on my wedding albums.

And if you’re getting married, give me a call and let’s talk about your dream images and how I can create something amazing for you.

Until next time, America.

Catelin’s Fall Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

Last November, I photographed Catelin’s wedding in the beautiful fall colors. While updating my main website, I posted it to display the entire album.

It was a freezing, cold day, yet the images look warm and inviting. Here are some of the double-page spreads from the book. Each graphic folds down the middle in the actual album.

I loved the drama in the sky and the love these two had for each other. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful album.

This couple is really stunning together, and I love the various poses and use of color throughout the book.

As the night drew on, the sunset was surreal and magical.

The great thing about seeing an entire wedding album, is that you get to see how I work all day long. You get to see how great the couple looks and how spectacular the lighting is all throughout the day and into the night. You get to see that I don’t work by hoping to get lucky images, but rather I work to create well-crafted pieces of art created in all lighting environments – through daylight, twilight, nighttime, inside and out.

To see the entire album, visit my main site, Then go to Portfolio > Wedding > Wedding Albums. Catelin’s album should be the first one to show right now, the “Salt Lake Temple and JSMB in the Fall.”

Now is a great time to get fall portraits. I still have a bit more time with leaves on the ground here at the studio garden location. Give me a call at 801-728-3317.

Until next time, America.

Temple in a Snow Storm During Bridal Show

This last week I was one of the main vendors at the bridal show held at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake.  It is always a great show.  I look forward to it every year.  Here is a look at my booth if you didn’t make it.

During the show, there was a beautiful snowstorm and I created some wonderful storm images of the Salt Lake Temple looking out the window.  I created a few variations and I’m still deciding which one I like the best.  Which ones do you like?

I’m also excited that all of these were processed out using my new duo-tone black & white effects that I recently created, and are finished with my new line of  custom edges that I’ve been working on.  I create and sell these effects and edges to photographers around the country when I speak to save them time and money.  These are a part of my new line of effects.  I really love how they look, especially with these images.  I’ve also tried them with portraits and absolutely love it!  I will post them on my blog soon.

After looking out the window, I had to step out for a couple images outside.  Again, I shot two variations and can’t decide which one I like better.  One is shot faster to catch the flakes in the air and the other is slower which creates some really cool diagonal lines.  Both work for so many reasons.

Before running back in, I got a passing tourist to take a photo of me with my camera.  I love the snow in the air, but hate that I’m out of focus.  DANG!

Anyway, soon I’ll have those temple images ready to purchase in my art site.  But until then, let me know which ones are your favorites.

Meghan and Bradley’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

Meghan and Bradley came in to finalize their wedding order, and their album looks amazing!  I’ve sent it off now for final binding and am excited to get it back and finally deliver it to this wonderful couple!  Here are a few page designs from their album.

Each of these are two page spreads, folding in the middle.  I design and print them however each as a large wall print collage.  The resulting album is spectacular that has to be seen in person to really appreciate it.

The design is so fun, so fresh, and really captivates the love and emotions of the wedding day.  We really lucked out that day with a spectacular storm.  It left the sky at the temple cloudy and wonderful, yet the rain stopped during the time we scheduled for photographs.

Later that afternoon though at the bride’s home we were poured on constantly all night.  I love the drama that weather creates, and I love to capture that in photographs.  That stormy day made for some real memories and some wonderful images!

If you’d like to enjoy their entire album design, I’ve posted it on my website as a slideshow here. (Click here to view album as a slideshow.)  In fact, you can view all sorts of slideshows and albums by going to my website and clicking on ‘Slideshows’ on the left menu.

Well thanks for looking and please browse my main website at (or my entire blog if you’re reading this in a separate feed reader

My Sister’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple & JSMB

My sister’s wedding album is all designed and is now off being bound right now.  I should get it back to present to her very soon, but in the meantime, here’s some previews.

This is one of the two-page spreads from the album.  I design so that the images go across the middle of the page, which gives me some fantastic use of space.

I love the mood in these images.  Having the temple in the background and the couple silhouetted in the window is just so beautiful!

And this two-page spread is serene and romantic.  Images of each of them alone, lit by the setting sun, then a couple portrait of the two of them in the same place, leaning up against the Salt Lake Temple, and then on the opposite page a distant image of them farther away from the temple as juxtaposition.

I like circles, especially when it has to to with temple weddings, because in ancient Hebrew, the circle is a symbol for light and eternity — which is true in our modern culture as well.  Framing these two on the left page with circles is a fun way to tie in some powerful symbolism into their heirloom album in a really artistic way.

If you’d to preview the entire wedding and design, check out this slideshow! (click here).  It will open in a new window and will begin playing as soon as it loads, which may take a moment depending on your internet connection.

I’m so excited for my sister to get her finished book.  It was a spectacular and emotional wedding, not to mention that its a real honor to be able to photograph someone in my family and to be apart of the wedding in such a unique way — a way that provides them with a beautiful and artistic heirloom for the rest of their lives.

Stephanie’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

Last week I was teaching a photographic workshop in Florida. I flew home Friday in order to photograph Stephanie’s wedding on Saturday. It was a perfect day and the weather was wonderful! The wedding was at the Salt Lake Temple in the morning and the lights and clouds were perfect!

Here are some of the preliminary images from just my first level of processing.  More artwork will go into the images as they are getting prepped for the album design.

BryCox - Stephanie's Wedding 1
BryCox – Stephanie’s Wedding 1
BryCox - Stephanie's Wedding 2
BryCox – Stephanie’s Wedding 2

Her reception was at the Ogden Airport at the Kemp Jetway Center.  It was a fabulous location for a reception.  I grew up around planes and even studied as a kid to get my pilot’s license by age 14 (though I didn’t have the money for the flight hours and never got it).  I love airports and therefore had a great time creating moody images using the planes and the location.  Here’s one of my favorites from that location, using the runway and mountains as a background at twilight!

BryCox - Stephanie's Wedding 3
BryCox – Stephanie’s Wedding 3

When the album is designed, I will for sure post it here.  In the meantime, if you would like to see some Stephanie’s engagements, you can check them out here: (Stephanie’s Engagements).  There is a wonderful painting there that you will love to see!

Thanks everyone and until next time, America!
— Bry

Nicole & Ammon’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

What a fun morning.  Today, Nicole and Ammon came in to see their final wedding album design, as a large slideshow projection in the theater, here at the studio.

It is such a beautiful design and I’ve been excited for them to come and see it.  Here is one of  my favorite page spreads from the album.  If you are unfamiliar with my albums, this spread represents two pages, like an open book.

Bry Cox - Nicole's Album
Bry Cox – Nicole’s Album

Their wedding was held at the Salt Lake Temple with their reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  They are a great couple and have been very fun to work with.

To see their entire album in slideshow form, click here.  I think you’ll see that they are very photogenic and very much in love.  There is a lot of sparkle in these two which really makes the album amazing!

Until next time, America!
— Bry

Courtney’s Wedding Album at the Salt Lake Temple

I have another wedding album up online, and it is magical!  Courtney came in today to see her final wedding album design.  I love absolutely this!  The wedding was held at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah with the reception at the Bungalow in American Fork.

I uploaded the design as a slideshow today so you can check it out!

Courtney Album Design
Courtney Album Design

By the way, the slideshow shows the album as an open book, with two pages showing at a time, like the image above which came from her design.

I absolutely love this album.  The couple is so happy and their love really shows.  I’m very proud of my work here; the images are fantastic.  I love the colors, the soft lighting, the ambiance, and the entire feeling of the day and album….not to mention that Courtney looks fantastic.  To see some of her bridals, refer back to this blog entry.

Come in to the studio to see this design close-up, or if you’d like me to do a wedding for you, or even just some bridal portraits, then give me a call.

Until next time, America!
— Bry