My Sister’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple & JSMB

My sister’s wedding album is all designed and is now off being bound right now.  I should get it back to present to her very soon, but in the meantime, here’s some previews.

This is one of the two-page spreads from the album.  I design so that the images go across the middle of the page, which gives me some fantastic use of space.

I love the mood in these images.  Having the temple in the background and the couple silhouetted in the window is just so beautiful!

And this two-page spread is serene and romantic.  Images of each of them alone, lit by the setting sun, then a couple portrait of the two of them in the same place, leaning up against the Salt Lake Temple, and then on the opposite page a distant image of them farther away from the temple as juxtaposition.

I like circles, especially when it has to to with temple weddings, because in ancient Hebrew, the circle is a symbol for light and eternity — which is true in our modern culture as well.  Framing these two on the left page with circles is a fun way to tie in some powerful symbolism into their heirloom album in a really artistic way.

If you’d to preview the entire wedding and design, check out this slideshow! (click here).  It will open in a new window and will begin playing as soon as it loads, which may take a moment depending on your internet connection.

I’m so excited for my sister to get her finished book.  It was a spectacular and emotional wedding, not to mention that its a real honor to be able to photograph someone in my family and to be apart of the wedding in such a unique way — a way that provides them with a beautiful and artistic heirloom for the rest of their lives.

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