Stephanie’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

Last week I was teaching a photographic workshop in Florida. I flew home Friday in order to photograph Stephanie’s wedding on Saturday. It was a perfect day and the weather was wonderful! The wedding was at the Salt Lake Temple in the morning and the lights and clouds were perfect!

Here are some of the preliminary images from just my first level of processing.  More artwork will go into the images as they are getting prepped for the album design.

BryCox - Stephanie's Wedding 1
BryCox – Stephanie’s Wedding 1
BryCox - Stephanie's Wedding 2
BryCox – Stephanie’s Wedding 2

Her reception was at the Ogden Airport at the Kemp Jetway Center.  It was a fabulous location for a reception.  I grew up around planes and even studied as a kid to get my pilot’s license by age 14 (though I didn’t have the money for the flight hours and never got it).  I love airports and therefore had a great time creating moody images using the planes and the location.  Here’s one of my favorites from that location, using the runway and mountains as a background at twilight!

BryCox - Stephanie's Wedding 3
BryCox – Stephanie’s Wedding 3

When the album is designed, I will for sure post it here.  In the meantime, if you would like to see some Stephanie’s engagements, you can check them out here: (Stephanie’s Engagements).  There is a wonderful painting there that you will love to see!

Thanks everyone and until next time, America!
— Bry

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