Bridal Portraits

Ashley’s Bridal Images

Ashley just did a fun mix of studio bridal portraits, including color and b&w, classic and edgy, close-ups and full length. Here are some of our favorites.

We did some in my white “lipstick” chair on a dark background to draw attention to Ashley’s white dress, and we situated her in such a way to really show off her fun shoes. This also shows one of the variations in how she may or may not wear her veil.


Next, is one of my favorites from the high-key, light-on-light set up. I used a fashion style of lighting to really make her eyes pop, and along with her great expression, fun veil, and Edgy-Edge finish, this image really sings. I think it’s probably my favorite from the entire shoot. It’s really a killer print up close.Cox_AJones-B-565-edge

And of course no bridal session is complete without a beautiful classic full-length. For this one we used very directional lighting for more extreme shadows to create more drama in the image. This really shows her entire dress and will be an image that she loves for years to come.Cox_AJones-B-576

I also created these collages, the first showing some of my favorites from the high-key fashion set up…


…and the second collage designed as a square to show off all of the various details, from her jewelry to her veil to her dress. I love creating these collages because they can show various images, moods, and textures all in one framed wall piece. And this particular design really shows a lot of personality I think.

Cox_AJones-B-21x21-Nine-Print-Composite-darkIt’s amazing how many people are going for beautiful studio portraits right now, breaking away from the look of cheap photographers who are photographing in alleys.

And because I have an indoor studio, now is a great time to make your appointment for bridals and take advantage of some promos going on. Give me a call at 801-728-3317 and let’s create some dream portraits for you.

Until next time, America.

Tashina’s Wonderful Bridal Portraits (On Location & Studio)

I had the privilege of photographing Tashina for her bridal portraits. She is having an out-of-town wedding, so having great bridals were extra important and special to her. Because of that we did a split session, creating images both in the studio and on location to create a variety of looks for her.

Here is one of her wall prints from her collection, created at one of my favorite locations.

And here is another from that same area. Notice the lighting and shadows on her, complimenting her and creating real depth, the simple and confident pose, the dramatic colors of the vegetation, and the soft gray-blue sky.

Lighting should never be haphazard, and images should never seem flat. Instead, lighting should be specific and used to create depth. Between that and the right expression, an emotion should be created so that you should feel like you can step into the image. It should draw you in.

And that’s true even if an image is candid or in motion. I love her smile in this one as she runs through the field.

Back at the studio, we created this trio of her in her birdcage veil, black and white with a vintage style of lighting as tight head shots.

Then we created some stunning images on my fashion gray background.

I used a custom fashion light set-up for a high contrast look, and completed that set of images as a trio.

And we also shot on one of my favorite brown backgrounds for a nice warm look which also was used to highlight her fun boots.

It was really great working with Tashina and I wish her and her new husband well.

If you would like some bridal portraits and would like them to be out-of-this world, give me a call. 801-728-3317. I’d love to create something amazing for you.

Until next time, America.

Sophie’s Bridal Portraits for Her Wedding Today

Today is Sophie’s wedding and I’m actually out shooting it. But I thought it’d be a good day to post her wonderful bridal portraits, created on-location at the Salt Lake City Capitol Building.

I really liked Sophie’s style and personality, and we had fun creating a number of images outside, taking advantage of the beautiful sky and clouds. These were some of her and her mom’s favorites. This top image shows one side of her personality, mixed with the tall and dynamic pillars around her.

Below is an epic full length, that’s just dramatic!

We did a series of black & white detail images and with those, I created this trio series.

Then on our way inside, we created another fun series by the door.

Once inside we focused on some fun yet, telling images with dramatic lighting, like this image of Sophie sitting, showing of her cute yellow shoes.

And being a dancer, we had to create something stunning with her point shoes. This was my favorite, her up on her toes, with a perfect expression, while being perfectly framed and lit to create drama and direct attention.

Then on the way out we stopped to take advantage of the beautiful sunset light, first with a close up black and white,…

…and then with these two final close-ups showing the details of her ring and necklace.

Congratulations, Sophie! I wish you a wonderful life and know you’ll have a great wedding. We’ll really create some great images!

Until next time, America.

How to Pick a Wedding Photographer (part 1)

I was recently asked these questions for an article, and thought I’d also post my answers on my blog as well.

“What Should People Be Looking for in a Wedding Photographer?”

I take this subject seriously because weddings matter and photography at weddings matter. There are few buying decisions in our lives that actually can cause life-long regret, and wedding photography tops that list. You may spend a lot of money buying a bad car or even a couch that isn’t comfortable, but the problem is solved once you get rid of it and replace it.

But when it comes to wedding photographs, they can only be done once. People who have made a poor decision in this area will lament even 50 years after their wedding and will still hold regret. I’ve found that if one bride doesn’t hire me, it’s usually her regret afterwards that gets her friends to hire me. If a mother of a bride comes in with decades of regret from her own wedding, that feeling is usually enough for her daughter to spend the extra money to hire me.

The reason people worry about their wedding photography is simple, it only happens once, it can’t be re-done, and you don’t know what you’re paying for until a month or so after the wedding.

Of all the expenses of a wedding, the photography is the one thing you keep your entire life. And as people get older, their tastes change and improve and they become more educated. If their photography is faddish or sub-par, it will only get worse as the years go by and your tastes improve.

There are literally thousands of photographers in every state saying that they are professionals. Many of those lately are your friends, neighbors and relatives needing you to hire them for friendship sake and as a favor to them to help them build their portfolio. These are not photographers with credentials other than their love of photography and the fact that they are spending what seems like a lot of money to them on equipment.

Guilt of hurting a friendship or feeling the need to help build someone’s portfolio with your one and only special day are bad motivators. These should not be reasons you hire any photographer. There is a wide gamut of skill, education, abilities, and price options, but when it really comes down to it, price and quality are related very tightly in photography.

Weddings are incredibly difficult for photographers as they provide a wide range of variables, locations, lighting conditions, weather, body shapes, and people’s personalities. Despite all these, the photographer must create great images without excuse, and usually under incredibly tight time constraints.

A wedding photographer must be skilled, knowledgeable, and versatile, and at the same time creative. But these things are hard for a client to really see when they’re shopping around.

So my advice when shopping for a wedding photographer is to not trust the initial samples a photographer shows you, and that goes double for any sample images online – there isn’t enough resolution in web images to see the flaws.

You must get in and see the images first-hand in printed form as big as possible. You must meet the photographer and see how you like his/her personality. You must ask to see more samples than are shown, particularly entire weddings in album or printed form.

If they don’t have printed samples, and lots of them, spanning years and years of weddings that look wonderful, then they are too new for you to hire. They are either not making enough money yet to afford some samples and/or are too inexperienced for you to hire. You are not someone’s guinea pig for practice. You need a professional on YOUR one big day!

When you look at samples, look past the flowers, the dresses, and the things in the images, and instead look at the photography, the consistency of the images. Look to see if the bride looks thin all the way through, if she always looks good, and doesn’t look fake, plastic or “photoshop-ed.”

Also make sure to pay particular note to the sample album and how it is constructed and built. How many sample albums are there? Do they go back years? Are parts of the book coming apart?

Hopefully there are plenty of albums that span years, show all sorts of locations, lighting, and options, and despite lots of use and traffic from clients, the books should be holding up beautifully.

Keep in mind that most photographers will show their lucky shots taken on an easy day for lighting (usually called “natural light” images taken on a cloudy, overcast day). Those kind of lucky images require no real skill. They do nothing to show YOU how you will be photographed on your day in your unique lighting conditions.

So ask instead to see entire weddings in broad sunlight, or in the middle of the night outside. Ask to see entire weddings all the way through, and not just the photographer’s favorite samples.

Photographers on the cheaper end of the scale rely on their equipment and the law of averages, shooting thousands of images in hopes of getting something somewhat decent and saleable. They then cover up their images with lots of software and effects. They attempt to hide the common problems of bluish-grey skin and the dark eyes caused by bad technique, with effects like yellow tones and washed out looks.

To a new bride, these effects make images seem fun and “different,” but to the trained eye they just look bad and trendy. In fact they are not different at all, but very commonplace as almost all new photographers are doing the same thing.

A more experienced (and yes more expensive) photographer will shoot fewer images, all of which will be great, and he/she will do it under any lighting condition, and this will be done with control. The images will look great and will be powerful on their own without all the trendy effects. They will be emotional, will be hip and cool, but will also have a classic and timeless appeal.

Finally, one good way to gauge a photographer’s level of expertise is their credentials! Always ask about a photographer’s credentials and what it is that makes them “professional?”

How many years have they spent learning how to photograph people? How long have they done this as full time career? Where did they go to school and with what degree? Is this a new career or have they dedicated a large portion of their lives and their hard-earned money to continually learn and understand their profession?

You wouldn’t let someone without a license cut your hair for your big wedding day, and you shouldn’t let a photographer potentially ruin your wedding day photographs without having at least basic Certification. A bad hair cut at least grows back in a few months, but bad wedding photographs will live with you your entire life.

I believe that any photographer who calls himself or herself a professional should at least prove it by having Certification. On top of that, hopefully they’ve earned some national titles like Master and Craftsman. These titles and ranks help a prospective client know that a photographer is consistent in their skill and will do a better job. Photographers with credentials can be found under the “Find a Photographer” section of

You’re based out of Utah but you seem to travel all over shooting weddings. What do you think is the most important thing couples should look for in a wedding photographer …Value? Talent? Consistency? Quality? Why?

Yes, all of those. Price is always an early question, as everyone wants to save money on a wedding. But price is never the final deciding factor. Most people understand that nicer products and services must cost more, but still most people have some type of budget constraints. Yet almost everyone would still rather cut in some areas in order to have better images that they can enjoy the rest of their lives.

A photography business is not a cheap business to run when you want to produce great images. Every step of every process is expensive when done right. Some things we spend money on in life are mass-produced. Great photography is instead custom made each time for just one client.

A lot goes into each job in terms of expertise, constant training, equipment, computers/software, insurance, overhead, and the supplies that go into the final products. There are cheap ways of cutting back on all of these, but it always shows in the final images and album.

And yes, talent and consistency do play a huge factor. No ones wants to worry about how their wedding images will turn out and no one knows until after the event is all over with, how the images really did turn out. Knowing they have someone who consistently is proven to do a great job gives them peace of mind, and that makes the extra expense of travel totally worth it to them.

What are the brides-to-be and families generally asking about when they make first contact with you? Does this change as they go through the process of engagement photos, bridal photos and then during the day?

Yes, most people start off asking about price, mainly because they don’t know what to ask. But as the process moves forward, those who are really interested in the way that I work, will talk more about the things that are actually important to them like quality and style.

Interestingly, many of the people that complain most about price at first become life-long clients of mine, coming in again and again throughout the years. Once they get it, they love what I do and come in for everything. They schedule shoots of their new babies, events and other special moments, and I get to see them and their lives change over the years.

It’s especially fun to deliver wall prints to clients and see their homes already decorated throughout with canvases, collages and portraits I’ve done for them in the past.

I’ve seen research on how brides usually make decisions on a wedding photographer. After cost, how do brides evaluate your work?

Price may be the reason a bride doesn’t hire a particular photographer, but price is never the reason a bride does hire a photographer. Price may be the first thing people ask about, but both photographers and brides both say that quality and a photographer’s personality were more important than price in the decision making process.

(Continue reading part 2 of interview.)


Catelin’s Bridals

Catelin was 11 years old when I photographed her older sister’s wedding many years ago.  Then later I photographed her brother’s wedding, and now she’s getting married!  It was so fun working with her and her family again.  I love it when I get to work with the same clients over the years and be there on the most important day of their lives.

I just finished these images for her wedding this weekend.  This was her bridal shoot and it was spectacular!

This first image was chosen as her large wall print.  I created this in my outdoor studio gardens using the fall leaves.  I shot this at a low depth to throw the background and her flowers out of focus, drawing attention to her eyes.  I love her expression in this.  She really draws you in.

While we were outside, we created a few more using the wonderful leaves, including this beautiful one.  I love the sunlight and the shadows creating beautiful abstract diagonals around her.

Because it was so cold outside, we worked mostly inside and had a ball just creating a slew of fantastic images.

This one shows off her shoes and her pretty legs.

And for years I’ve always loved to create abstract black and whites.  This one was inspired by her sash which I imagined as a long diagonal line.

And of course close-ups and mid-lenghts of varying expressions.

Because she was having a winter wedding, Catelin had a coat made for her wedding.  It was so pretty, we included it for a few images.

After her shoot I designed up a wall collage for her using some of my favorite images — images that were different, unique, and showed different sides to her personality.

And here is a trio that I designed up as well.  I love the flow of her dress in this and her smile is so great.

Soon I will have Catelin’s wedding portraits up, but for now I wanted you all to see these fantastic bridals.

If you’re getting married or it’s time again for some new family portraits for Christmas, give me a call to schedule your appointment.  801-728-3317.  My shoots are so much fun and I know just how to make you look great.  And overall, you will LOVE your images!

And feel free to browse my main website, and my blog at

Lisa’s Wedding Portraits

This week Lisa got married, and a few days before she came in for some fun and fabulous portraits with her fiancé.  This type of shoot is what I call a Pre-Session — a session with the bride and groom before the wedding.  It’s done before hand so that they have wonderful images on display at their wedding that are hip, classic, and emotional all at the same time.

I love Pre-Sessions, because unlike the wedding day there’s no feeling of being rushed.  On a wedding day, the couple is pulled in too many directions.  They are running ragged and everyone is constantly interrupting the creation time to talk or ask them questions.

But on a Pre-Session, we have the studio and gardens to ourselves.  The place is peaceful and creativity abounds.  The images here show the peace and love that the couple feels and this first image was their favorite!  It became their large piece that went on the easel at the reception and now will hang in their home.

On top of couple portraits, I always like to get some fun individuals of each, in case we use them in a collage or other wall art display.  The slight variations in lighting and positioning for each person help exaggerate her beautiful feminine features and his masculine features.

I love this next couple portrait of the two of them.  It is so affectionate and they look so happy and good together.  It’s fun to have the couple both in white and Lisa’s wedding gown was made by her mother.

Finally, we stepped out to work the my outdoor studio gardens, despite the freezing cold, just to get a few images in the wonderful fall leaves.

This is one of the things I love about my wonderful location — I have the ability to shoot indoors or outdoors all in one setting!  If people have taken off work, made their difficult schedules work, and come to the studio for their appointment but it’s a day that is freezing cold or snowing — no problem!

I can continue to create amazing and emotional images inside with complete control.  If people still want to venture outside anyway, we can do it quickly as things are set up ready to go here.  We simply step out and work quickly and come right back in again to get warm by the fireplace.  Mood is important when creating wonderful expressions, and here I can do that the best!

If you’re getting married or it’s time again for some new family portraits for Christmas, give me a call to schedule your appointment.  801-728-3317.  My shoots are so much fun and I know just how to make you look great.  And overall, you will LOVE your images!

And feel free to browse my main website, and my blog at

Ashley & Jeff’s Wedding Pre-Session

Ashley and Jeff just got married, and before their wedding, they came in for some fun and amazing photographs.  I photographed them at my studio location both inside using various sets, as well as outside, even though it was cold.  The results were stunning!

This was one of my favorites!  They look so great together, and the image is so loving!  And notice how almost all of their favorites were black and white.  Black and white has such a timeless quality, yet it is hip too.  It is a great mix of classic and new, all in one.

I love these of Ashley alone.  So beautiful!

And then we ventured outside.  I have a half-acre of English-garden style landscaping, but in the winter it’s not green and lush.  However, it is always interesting and beautiful in black and white.  Here’s what we created.  First this series of three images which will hang in a trio.

And finally we finished with them running off down my country street, as if they were running off to get married.

It was a great shoot and they’re a great couple!  I’m so happy that they found each other and I know that they will make each other very happy.

If you’re getting married and would like a pre-wedding session, give me a call.  801-728-3317.  A pre-session with Bry Cox Studio, is a great way to have cool portraits up at your wedding, as well as taking the pressure off of your wedding, no matter who you hire for your day.  Pre-sessions cost less than weddings, and are much more stress-free than a wedding — there’s no rush for time like on a wedding day, and no one’s coming to talk to you or interrupt you constantly like on wedding days.  And when they’re done at my studio location, we have the most variety of backgrounds both inside and out, without any travel fees!

Well thanks for looking and please browse my main website at (or my entire blog if you’re reading this in a separate feed reader


Bry Cox at Bridal Show Tomorrow (Saturday) @ Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Tomorrow (Saturday), is the big bridal show at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, called “Salt Lake’s Premier Wedding Show.”

BryCox - JSMB 2
BryCox - JSMB 2

I’m very exited for this show — it’s not only my biggest shows of the year, but I will have some awesome new things for you to see too, like a HUGE 16×20 metal album!  You absolutely have to see this album!  It is stunning!!

BryCox - JSMB 1
BryCox - JSMB 1

I’ll be on the Mezzanine, right off the elevator and I hope to see you there. The show is FREE, and any friends that want to stop by and say hi are welcome, and if you are a bride, you should pre-register for prizes. For info or to pre-register, click here. The show goes from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm tomorrow, Saturday the 22rd.

Me at last year's show
Me at last a previous show

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Cheri’s Bridal Portraits

Here is a part of Cheri’s order from her bridal session.  I started with some fashion-lit headshots for some stunning smiling images, and to get a real and genuine sparkle in her eye.

And with those series of images, made this framed trio.

Then we went to one of my new in studio sets for a vibey grouping of cool images.

Then to some modern full length images that also have a classic appeal.  Beautiful lines in this one!

One to show the full dress and one with some funkiness to show the criss-cross back.During the session, we got a bit of rain, but we decided to go outside anyway and get some fun images of her outside in the weather.  I used one to create this painting.  The final paintings are finished as a stretched canvas with hand glazing.

This was a great session!  Everything looked so beautiful and Cheri and her mom were a joy to work with.

If you’d like to see more of my work, visit my website at, and call me at 801-728-3317 to schedule a fantastic portrait session for you!

Laura, Flavia, AltaMODA, and Fashion Bridals!

I created some amazing photographs of a good friend of mine, Laura, as she modeled some gorgeous gowns from AltaMODA, my favorite and only couture bridal shop in Salt Lake.

Laura’s hair and make-up was expertly done by Flavia of  All of these images were created right here at my indoor studio, using some of my new sets that I’ve been building.

I’m finding that there is a huge and growing trend for indoor studio portraits lately, and I think that it has to do with the fact that there are so many new and well-meaning photographers (without studios, credentials, or business licenses) all doing exactly the same thing in exactly the same locations — and throwing the same kitschy computer effects on all of their images.

This phenomenon is causing clients to ask me for images that don’t look like they were created by just anyone with a camera and computer, but rather they are looking for images that are both funky and classy at the same time — images that are both stylized and flattering at the same time, without excuses.  People are asking not only for artistic, creative, and unique photographs, but they want to look great in every single image — that they always look amazing!

I’m finding a growing response to photographic credentials, as well as more requests for indoor studio work.  These new requests have led me to redo my indoor camera area with more options and to create some fantastic new sets which I’m very excited about.

So though people are still asking for appointments in my outdoor garden, they are also asking for indoor studio portraits.  Many are wanting a mix of both indoor and outdoor, especially during these past few weeks of uncertain Utah spring weather.  With all of the time and money to get their hair and makeup done and to get a fantastic dress, they want to know that an appointment will not be moved due to rain, wind, or anything else.  The indoor camera sets are solving that.

So as you look at these images, note the gorgeous dresses, the fantastic hair and makeup, the great model, and also the fact that these images are not retouched and have no computer effects applied.

These images are straight photography!  The fun colors, dramatic lighting, flattering and interesting poses — all in-camera!  When you have a great photograph, there isn’t the need to kitsch it up with computer effects.

So if you are getting married and would love fun, fashionable images where you look amazing in every image, then give me a call at 801-728-3317.  I’m happy to photograph your entire wedding or just some bridals, depending on your budget.

And to see more of my heirloom line of portraits, visit my website at

My Sister’s Wedding

Happy New Year, everyone!  It’s my sister’s wedding is in the morning and I thought I’d put up some of the images I’ve been working on for her display tomorrow.  These are from her engagements and bridals.

BryCox - Engagement #1
BryCox - Engagement #1

We did some in the studio, and some in the leaves here at my outdoor garden studio…

BryCox - Engagement #2
BryCox - Engagement #2

…and finished at the State Capital building where they got engaged.

BryCox - Engagement #3
BryCox - Engagement #3
BryCox - Engagement #4
BryCox - Engagement #4

And then for her bridals, these are some of her favorites.  These were at the studio…

BryCox - Bridal #1
BryCox - Bridal #1
BryCox - Bridal #2
BryCox - Bridal #2
BryCox - Bridal #3
BryCox - Bridal #3

I’m very excited for my sister’s wedding tomorrow.  As far as the weather, it should be warmer than it’s been lately (the high is supposed to be 32º F), and there’s a strong possibility of snow too.  I hope it does snow because that will mean some very fun outdoor portraits at the temple after the wedding.  I’ll put some images of her wedding soon.

I also need to post some of the wedding album designs that I finished for clients for Christmas.  I was very excited about them and feel they were some of the best albums I’ve ever created.  They were so fantastic!!  Now that the holidays are over and I’m back to a regular schedule again, I’ll get the up online.

Until next time, Amercia!
— Bry

Portraits & Relationships

One of the things that I love about creating photographs is capturing relationships and preserving those feelings and emotions in an artful way.  Today I worked on this order for a couple that is getting married soon.  The images are from a ‘Pre-Session’….a session of the bride and groom before the wedding.


I love this image of them hugging each other.  They have such a beautiful sparkle in their eyes.


This is Emily alone in her wedding dress.  It will be finished as a long, skinny, horizontal wall image.

Emily's Design
Emily's Design

Here is a design I created for them too.  It shows a lot of emotions and feelings all in one composite, designed to keep your eye flowing throughout.

I love doing these kinds of sessions.  They are really fun and fulfilling.  This couple has a lot of love for each other, and I think it really shows.  I wish them luck in their new life together.

So to everyone else out there, remember that you can hire me for this kind of a session whether you use me for your entire wedding or not.  Give me a call and tell me about your dream portrait and let’s make it happen!

Until next time, America!
— Bry