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Elyse’s Gorgeous Studio Engagement Shoot

Elyse is a beautiful and upbeat woman who is very well-known and a friend to everyone. And she’s getting married. Though she and her fiancé live in California, we did a studio engagement shoot while they were here in Utah. And the images are gorgeous! I’m really excited to share them with you.

In fact we just finished her portrait inserts for her announcements, and I’m excited for people to get them in the mail. She posted one of the photographs on Facebook yesterday and it quickly garnered over 700 likes in just a few hours (it’s now over 850). It just shows how much she’s loved and how excited her friends and family are for her upcoming wedding.

Here are some of my favorite images from our shoot, designed up as a framed square wall collage.

I love how beautiful they look in each of these images, and how great they look together.

After shooting some on a light fashion gray background, we changed up the lighting and background and went with darker colors behind. Here some of our favorites.

I took a few portraits from the brown series and designed this framed trio. It’s a beautiful way to show a story between the images.

I’m very excited about this engagement shoot and for their upcoming wedding. I know it’ll be a gorgeous and blissful event.

If you’re getting married, I’d love to create some amazingly gorgeous images for you too. Here are a few links for info…

I’m a Utah based photographer, and do work all over the USA, and sometimes abroad. Give me a call and let’s talk about your dream portraits.

And until next time, America.

Official Portraits – Howard Wallack for Congress & Billboards

It’s always an honor to be asked to create the official portraits for a campaign.  These types of portraits are incredibly important.  They have to be real, show personality and trustworthiness, and project professionalism.  Some people may never meet Mr. Howard Wallack in person, so his portrait that voters see on billboards, banners, website, and mailers must help tell them who he is.

There is an immense amount of work and skill that goes into a portrait like this, but this is what I do every day for children, families, wedding couples and everyone else — I create portraits that strangers look at and feel that they know the person.

I always like to have a flag in a professional campaign portrait, so we started the shoot in the studio with the flag that I originally acquired years ago when I did Governor Leavitt’s official portraits.  Then we moved to some more relaxed images for options.  I loved how these all turned out.  His smile is genuine, his stance is powerful yet relaxed.

To see more about Mr. Wallack, visit his website, howardwallack.com.  And keep an eye out as you drive along I-15 for some of his billboards!