Portraits for Lisa Hullinger’s Music CD

Lisa Hullinger had me create some portraits for her commercial project, her music CD titled Fairytales. We did two different shoots to get some variety of both studio and outdoor, and here are some of my favorite images.

This first one ended up as her album cover. It’s a very pretty image of her that shows personality, and also has a sense of spontaneity with her hair blowing.Cox_LHullinger-S-2046-color

This next image is great! It’s got a nice feel while being very simple in its composition.Cox_LHullinger-S-2139-cn

The pretty weather and location I think fit the mood of her design, as well as having a nice, relaxed feel. It was hard picking a favorite!


And here are a couple of my favorites from the indoor studio shoot.


Lisa did a great job at the shoots which made the sessions very fun. All of the songs on her album are original, she sings and plays on them, but you can tell that she paid attention to making sure that everything sounded great. I love it when artists follow their dream to write songs and take all the steps to produce an album, while paying attention to the fine details. I appreciate her including me in her project as her photographer, and I wish her luck with her project.

If you would like more info on her album and to hear samples, check out her website,

Until next time, America.

New Portraits of McKenzie

This last week I photographed McKenzie for an article I am writing on a product. That article will be released in about a week or so. I can’t wait for you all to see those images!¬†They are some really fun, outdoor portraits, but I can’t publish them or share them yet.

So in the meantime I thought I’d share these two images I did of her totally impromptu on a completely different day a while back when she was at the studio for her sister’s senior portraits. No prep, just two really beautiful images!


So enjoy these for now. And until next time, America.