Commercial Images for Rhino Med Cart

People don’t always realize how important great images are to a company’s marketing campaign. Perspective clients may never visit the showroom, tour the factory, or meet the employees face to face, but they will have a perception of the company based on the only thing they see — the brochure. Therefore the images have to tell the story and fill in the gaps, and can’t just be snapshots of what an object looks like. Rather they must show what it is, what it can do, it’s level of quality, what type of people use it, and how buying it will solve the prospect’s problems.

Because of this, I LOVE creating commercial images for businesses and was excited when the Rhino Med Cart company asked me to create the images for their new brochure. They got me an ex-NFL player for my male model, and he was terrific!

All of these images were created on scene with custom lighting and exposure for a deep blue sky, and stark contrast for either color or black and white. The final design and brochure layout was in color, and here’s how it looks, outside front (right side) and back (left side)….

…and inside when you open it.

This is a very unique cart used on athletic fields. It is very versatile and incredibly durable. To show that, we had the almost 300 pound athlete stand on the outer lip. It didn’t break, bend, or even tip the cart over.

These carts can be stocked and used for medical and orthopedic purposes or as a drink cart with plenty of features for each use.

Interestingly, there was a problem with the first female model and her schedule, so instead we grabbed this cute girl last minute who was there working out on the track before the shoot. It was a good solution as she did a great job.

She was very personable and photogenic, and really helped show perspective when standing next to our big NFL male model.

I really loved the deep colors and the specific lighting style used in each of these images. It creates saturation and contrast and as a result, depth. When so many photographers right now are shooting images that are “flat” or “blown out,” it’s nice to create something so unique, different, and opposite – something that actually feels 3D, has depth, and looks sharp, clean, and professional.

If you’re a business and need some fantastic images created, give me a call at 801-728-3317. Tell me your vision and I will create images for your company that match your level of professionalism, quality, and attention to detail.

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