Pageant girls

Elle, Miss Draper 2020

I had the pleasure of creating the official portraits of Elle, Miss Draper 2020. She’s an accomplished young woman and was a joy to photograph. Her personality was sweet and gracious, and she’s an absolute beauty. We had so many beautiful images, it was hard to choose favorites.

As we began the shoot, I realized that I had photographed her many years ago as a cute little 8 year old girl here in the studio.

And she just happened to be wearing a white dress again, so I used my same white chair with her on our new photo shoot to continue the theme from when she was 8.

I love seeing these images back to back. It’s rewarding to create images like this for people, to capture particular times in their lives, and see the changes in them over time. As you can see, Elle was a natural in front of the camera. She was poised and very photogenic.

After getting a variety of beautiful images the we could use as official portraits, it was time to have some fun. I changed up the lighting and shot a series of personality images up close. I loved them all and created a gorgeous collage of the images.


It was an honor to create these images for Draper City and the Miss Draper girls. They just ended their terms, and passed the crowns down to the new Draper royalty. Soon we’ll be creating some official portraits of these new winners too.

Here’s 4 Miss Drapers: Mandi Brady, director of the Miss Draper pageant, Miss Draper 2020 and the new 2021 winner, and Mandi’s mom. Mandi’s mom has worked and helped Mandi quite a bit too.

If you’d like some beautiful portraits created, it’s a great time. We can beat the unusual summer heat outside by creating images in the studio (like Elle’s portraits), or we can do some outdoors right here in the studio gardens, or we can do a bit of both.

Give me a call at 801-728-3317 and let’s set something up.

And until next time, America.