Amber’s Spring Engagement Shoot, Outdoor & Studio

I’ve been really excited to share the engagement shoot of these two. They are great together and make a wonderful couple. A few weeks ago in early spring we did this incredible shoot for their engagements. We did a mix of studio and outdoor portraits. And later I’ll have to share images from their wedding reception this weekend at the beautiful Jeremy Ranch Golf and Country Club because it was all just magical. But first, we need to see these from their engagement shoot.

This first photograph was one of the top favorites, and part of their wedding invitation design.

And this painting was finished as a canvas for their reception display, and will go above their fireplace in their home. 

I love these paintings. You really have to see them in person to see how wonderful they are. But here’s a shot of it displayed at their Utah wedding reception.

I love these outdoor photos. The gorgeous colors and dramatic sky really pop with master lighting techniques on location. And you can see how great these two are together. Their expressions say it all.

This next image with mixed lighting creating the dynamic shadow lines, was one of the top picks and part of the invitation design. 

And here are few more favorites from the studio, with a change of clothes and lighting styles for more variety.

This trio was one of my favorite things from the shoot. 

I hope you can see how great these two are together. I’m honored to have been a part of their wedding and wish them decades of future happiness together. And don’t worry, I will for sure post some of their wedding reception images too. You’ll want to see them, but I do have a bunch of other fun shoots that I want to share with you first.

In the meantime, if you’re getting married there is no better wedding investment than your photographs. Of all the things you spend on, well-made photographs are the only thing you keep after the wedding. So give me a call and let’s talk about creating your dream portraits, 801-728-3317.

And until next time, America.

Photographs for an Interior Design Job in Farmington

A local interior designer named Jenna (JM Design Sparrow) is a great Interior Designer and artist, and she asked me to photograph one of her recent projects in Farmington, particularly the client’s bathroom.

There was a lot of attention to detail and I wanted to make sure that I captured, not only the look of the room, but the feel of it as well. I really liked this necklace holder on the vanity, for instance, and shot this with some purposeful optical blur for a nice abstract look.

This tub is one of the center points of the room, and I wanted to make sure that I showcased it with both panoramas as well as close images.

This panorama below was particularly fun as well as difficult to shoot. It’s hard to shoot a long image like this in tight quarters like a home, while keeping vertical lines and perspectives correct. I love how it turned out.

The entire bathroom was made up of custom and unique pieces of furniture, that all went together very well.

Even the details like the faucet and the lights were special finds and meant a lot to them.

There were some other areas too that were particularly fun areas to design, and she wanted images of these areas as well. These were mainly areas of gathering and relaxation.

Then while finishing up, I photographed the family’s tulips on their kitchen table. I just liked the colors and how they were lit naturally.

If you need some interior design work, Jenna’s the person to talk to. She loves integrating people’s personality and tastes into their own home, and solving the problems of texture, colors and space.

And if you need some great interior images, perhaps for a home your selling or to show off a design job, then give me a call. Hopefully you can see from my work that I am an absolute technician, focusing on the details of lines, balance, exposure, and specific lighting to create a professional and polished image, while at the same time giving you something that is new, creative, and interesting to look at too.

And now is a great time to set up your Spring appointment for your family portrait. Give me a call at 801-728-3317 to schedule a time. And feel free to browse my main website at