Draper LDS Temple

Wedding Album for Megan & Tres

During Covid, the Governor’s mandates closed wedding venues and religious buildings, so weddings moved into people’s homes. Megan and Tres had a gorgeous wedding at the end of 2020, and I have wanted for some time to share their album design. I’ve now got it on my blog, and this video shows each page of the album.

I like sharing entire albums because people will often say, “My wedding photographer shot thousands of images, but only about 5 turned out. The rest are blurry or our faces are dark. You got to be really lucky to get a good image.”

My answer is, “No. I create amazing images all day without excuse, regardless of location, time of day, or weather.” That’s why I like to share entire weddings so you can see that every page and every portrait is stunning. There’s nothing lucky about this. I control lighting with studio gear on location, so that whether we’re outside, inside, or even in a storm, your portraits look amazing.

So even though this wedding was in a variety of difficult locations (like being in a home, outdoors in the freezing cold, and ends on a rainy, foggy day), you’ll see that every page is gorgeous.

This video goes through all the wonderful images and page designs. Each double page spread is designed as a mini story, sharing the important moments of the day. Each spread is designed to be magical and eye-catching, so that no matter where you happen to open the album, there will be impact.

These are not designed with quick drag-and-drop or speedy auto-design software. It’s laid out by hand, meticulously page by page to make sure that each image is presented in exactly the right way.

This wedding couple is so beautiful and great together. I love the story of this album. I can’t get enough of these two, and have been thinking of some sample prints to make up from this wedding. Just look at this opening page. I love this design, with the mountains and deep blue sky framing in the new couple. The bride’s dress is swooped out to match the lines of the mountain sides.

After getting ready, we battled the cold to create some portraits alone on a nearby walking path. The warm colors surrounding the couple in these is so inviting and beautiful.

We then mixed in some new family portraits with the little kids. And you’ll notice that faces are clear and skin tones are natural while at the same time skies and backgrounds are vivid. This clarity is unique and created with studio lighting on location – not haphazard, “natural light,” which leaves faces dull, skin blotchy, and skies white and blown out. The expressions on the kids are cute and natural, and everyone looks great.

With this control of light, we can create some epic portraits that are crystal clear of the bride and groom. The skies are vivid blue, mountains clear, and the bride and groom are not blurry. Their faces are clear and in focus, and their skin tones are perfect and natural.

The action sequences are fun but beautiful. I love this cake and the expressions on the couple in this series.

During covid, the LDS temples were closed. But later when they opened the couple was able to get an appointment to be sealed. This was months later at the Draper LDS Temple, and I came to finish the wedding album with some beautiful, foggy, temple portraits.

Without excuse, we’ll get some beautiful images. On this particular morning, it was a really cold, rainy, and foggy. But a little pop of light in the right places, and the couple really stands out and the sky shows it’s true color tones of being dark and gray. The rain and fog just add drama to these images, making this an unforgettable morning.

The spring flowers mixed with the tall lines of the temple, made for a gorgeous set of images. These are just some of the highlights. There’s a lot more from this album, and you can see it all in the video above.

If you’re getting married and would like beautiful images without excuse, no matter the time of day, location, or weather, give me a call – 801-728-3317.

And until next time, America.

Eliza’s Wedding Sneak Peak, Draper LDS Utah Temple

I had the pleasure of photographing Eliza’s wedding at the Draper LDS Temple, and wanted to share some of my early favorite photographs from her lovely day. We had a gorgeous spring day with deep blue skies, so I really wanted to bring out those deep tones with some custom lighting. And as you can see, these two look amazing in every portrait. I really love this image showing the front of the temple.


And inside the tall columns, this dip in black and white is just stunning. Eliza’s a dancer and moves beautifully as you can see, and I love all of the lines and shapes that are surrounding these two.

We had tulips in bloom, so we made sure to capture some special moments with the beautiful flowers framing this newly married couple.

And we have lots of variety of portraits and moods in different location around building. All of these have made for a gorgeous wedding album design that I hope to share with you soon when it’s all printed.

I love how happy these two are together, and their energy and joy for each other shows in the images all day long.

We have a mix of black and white candids in the wedding album design too, showing fun moments like this.

And of course some amazing hero portraits that could be great art pieces on the wall, like this one.

This has been a wonderful wedding to work on and hopefully soon I can share with you the finished wedding album design.

If you’re getting married, I’d love to create some amazingly gorgeous images for you too. Everything is custom and there are a lot of things we can do, but here are a few links for some early info…

  • My main portfolio website: BryCox.com
  • My mini site for wedding info
  • Lots of real wedding samples (no fake brides) here on my blog
  • And of course because of the custom nature of what I create, it’s best to give me a call at 801-728-3317 so we can talk more about what you’d like.

And until next time, America.

Matt & Treva’s Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Matt and Treva’s gorgeous wedding album is in it’s final stages of being book-bound, and I wanted to share with you their photos and album design.

They were married at the Draper LDS Temple on a beautiful summer day. Mixing the right right style of master lighting techniques with the hot summer sun, and we have a deep blue sky, clear faces, vivid colors, and crisp images all day long.


These two are so great together. The inner romantic in me really comes out at weddings, and I love seeing couples in love, and posing them to create inspiring and romantic images that they will love for years to come. But these two were naturally very loving with each other as you can see in these photos.

BryCox_Draper_LDS_Temple_Wedding_MattTreva_02 BryCox_Draper_LDS_Temple_Wedding_MattTreva_03 BryCox_Draper_LDS_Temple_Wedding_MattTreva_04 BryCox_Draper_LDS_Temple_Wedding_MattTreva_05 BryCox_Draper_LDS_Temple_Wedding_MattTreva_06 BryCox_Draper_LDS_Temple_Wedding_MattTreva_07

I can’t wait to deliver their finished products. I believe strongly in putting in the time and effort to create actual physical albums for clients. And not just any album either, but my award winning album that will be an heirloom for years to come. And while that’s getting finished, here is a slideshow of their wedding album design. Each slide is a double-page spread in their album. Their wedding was at the Draper LDS Temple in Utah, with their wedding dinner at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village in Midvale Utah.

If you’re getting married, give me a call and let’s talk about your dream portrait. I’d love to create some wonderful wedding announcements, bridal portraits, and a gorgeous wedding album for you. My phone is 801-728-3317.

And until next time, America.