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Headshots for Dennis Prager, Conservative Talk Show Host & PragerU, Salem Radio LA

I recently photographed conservative talk show host, Dennis Prager on location at Salem Radio in LA. Dennis Prager is probably best known from his nationally syndicated radio talk-show, The Dennis Prager Show.

Many young people know Dennis Prager from his conservative educational site, PragerU, a resource of short, 5-minute informational videos that explain a myriad of conservative principles. You can search the site by subject or speaker, and see quick videos that explain the concept by experts in the field. And with over 4 billion views, the website has been incredibly successful in shaping young minds.

Prager has also written a number of books that I can’t recommend enough, including Bible commentaries from a Jewish perspective, called “The Rational Bible.” I even had him sign one for me after the shoot.

Like Dennis, most of my clients are successful and extremely busy, and that makes it hard to take time away for a photoshoot. So I make headshots easy, by coming to you and setting up a studio where you work. It means you only have to stop working for a short amount of time. No travel back and forth to my studio. Instead, just step across the hall.

For Dennis Prager’s portraits, I flew to LA and set up my studio at Salem Radio where he broadcasts. I have powerful lighting gear that’s also compact, and I can fly with it wherever is needed. We were able to find an open area at Salem Radio to set up a small studio setup right there on site. In a short amount of time, we had various angles, backgrounds, and options created for him. From there, we picked favorites, and finished those and delivered them back to him in various formats, ready for whatever he needs.

And because he often needs an orange or blue background for PragerU videos and graphic layouts, I created variations with his specific shades of orange and blue, ready to go.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dennis Prager, here’s an example of one of his short videos from PragerU. You may recognize him and his voice in this video because he’s been broadcasting since 1982.

I really enjoyed my time with Dennis Prager. He loves photography and owns great cameras and gear himself. We talked lenses, gear, and even some Biblical Hebrew. He’s very personable and kind, and his smile was full of life every time.

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And until next time, America.