“Soft Rain” by Janet Cox (My Mom)

My mom wrote this song, “Soft Rain” a few years before I was born. She wrote it on her ukulele and my dad arranged it for choir and orchestra. I grew up hearing it all the time. Besides singing it as kids, we’d constantly be invited to hear choirs across the valley perform it.

I really love this song, and our beautiful Utah spring weather has made various people post about this song online this week. So my sister took a recording from the 1970s by the Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus, created this video, and posted it to her YouTube.

There are two windows to the outside world: the version given to us through screens (TV, news, movies, social media), and our actual windows to the outside. The messages are completely different from both views. The first tells us to worry, have fear, and creates anxiety. The second is much more positive. Being outside, talking with our friends and neighbors, and being involved in our community creates a far more positive view of the world.

So being spring time, and knowing that we all need something beautiful and positive today while we’re all in quarantine, here’s this song my mom wrote, called “Soft Rain.”

And until next time, America.

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  1. I had this song on a cassette of the Mormon Youth Chorus & Symphony back in the early 80s and I absolutely wore that thing out! I’ve grieved the demise of that tape, primarily because I’ve been unable to hear “Soft Rain” for at least a couple of decades now. I was just humming the song today and wondered whether I could find a recording of it again. A few searches later I finally found your website with this version of the song I know and love so well! Thank you to you and your sister for making it available and especially thanks to your mother and father for creating such a beautiful piece of music. Today I was transported back to warm, soft rains in Innsbruck, Austria and Bavaria, Germany and I took the time to remember beautiful things. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so very much. I first heard this song when I was in Jr. High just about 5 decades ago. I was asked yesterday what my favorite song was, which sent me on the search for the lyrics “Soft Rain”. Listening to it just now gave me peace and comfort in these troubling times. Thank you so much for follow Heaven sent inspiration in writing, arranging, and making this song possible.

  3. I think of this song every time it rains, like today. I first heard it sometime in the seventies, I’m 63 now, at the funeral of a little girl that was killed in a car crash on Christmas Eve in Boise, Idaho. Her elementary school class/grade sang it. Even as a young teen I was so touched by the lyrics.
    Until today, all I remembered was, “Rain, falls soft rain on (my) window…. I’m so happy I was able to find it on You Tube! As an adult, it’s more beautiful than I remembered! Thank you for posting it.

  4. Whenever it rains, I sing this song in my head, but only the first part, because it was all I could remember. I was part of a music festival as a young adult and we sang this song. I am so happy I found this today. Now I can sing it to my grandchildren and hopefully, they will love it as I do. It brings back such sweet memories.

  5. Thanks for posting. This takes me back 50 years to the 1972 MIA Music Festival “Sing a New Song” in Salt Lake where I was part of a large chorus of youth from all around Utah who, with the Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus, performed this and a number of other pieces written by LDS composers. It was a thrilling performance. I had an LP, but it is long gone. I still have my Sing a New Song book.

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