Beach Wedding in Mexico + Ferrari Exit

I put up two more slideshows today on my main site that show two very different wedding albums.  These are the album designs, but in a slideshow form, showing 2 pages up at a time.

The first album is a beach wedding, on a private beach at a resort in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  It is just stunning!  It starts with everyone getting ready and goes through the ceremony and reception, and ends with the bride and groom running off.

Notice the storm clouds how they get more and more ominous and dark as the night goes on.  So beautiful!  The wind and crashing waves were amazing!


Cabo Wedding

The second album slideshow is  a local wedding for me, photographed right here at the Salt Lake Temple.  The album begins with the bride and groom coming out of the temple and ends with them driving off in a beautiful Ferrari, reminiscent of Magnum PI’s, but yellow.

This day too had some weather and storm clouds which I love to use in photographs.  The first page shows the sun directly behind the Angel Moroni on top of the temple.  As the album goes on, the sun suddenly bursts out of the clouds with some beautiful warm rays.

Check it out…

Ferrari Wedding

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Until next time America….
— Bry

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  1. Yeh!!!! You have a blog! I love the website and I love the pics! They are truly amazing. We will see you soon….when we can gather up the whole family for our family photo.

  2. Incredible…. you caught the magic of that light I call ‘blue magic’ or ‘blue morning’ when it’s the morning hours that I love the most.
    The Ferrari image brought me back to the 80’s- I still watch Magnum P.I. on DVD! Who doesn’t love that look of a hot yellow ferrari in combo with the gold in the doors and golden light. That light reminds me of the 80’s too- portraits in those days were all about gold 😉
    Thanks for giving this detailed look at your creation…..

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