Angie’s Wedding Album Slideshow

Hey y’all.  Here’s a new slideshow I’ve put up on my site showing the entire layout of one of my bride’s wedding albums — it is absolutely beautiful!

The show, like this this image below, will show two pages facing each other; the spine is down the middle.

Angie’s Page Spread

Click here to see the album slideshow. A new window will open and the movie will begin playing automatically as soon as it fully loads…which takes just a moment or two depending on your interent.

I want albums to tell the story of the couple’s day, and for me quality is everything, down to the smallest details.  For that reason I personally design each album.  Every page is laid out for flow, harmony, balance, and impact, without the use of pre-designed templates or other shortcuts.  I think it’s good to know that so that you can better appreciate the fine details as you see this.

Notice too how this album tells a story, starting off with everyone getting ready, showing all the emotional and intimate moments throughout the day, and ends with the couple leaving at the end.

I’ve got more albums to put up.  When I get the slideshows made, I’ll post them here for you all to see and enjoy.

I come from a creative family, and want to mention that the music was written and recorded by my sister.  Fantastic and moving music!

Well, watch the movie, then afterwards go to and browse around some new temple images for your home and use the promo code posted in my last blog entry for a 20% discount.

Until next time America!
— Bry

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