Gateway Wedding Show Followup

BryCox - GWS 4

The Gateway Wedding Show this last Saturday was awesome!  I really like bridal shows, but they also wear me out because they are so much work to put on.

I am one of the contributors of this show, and so besides designing and printing the billboards and doing their website, I also photograph the fashion show on the day of.  Here are some of the images from the show.

The photo on the left is me with some of my friends who were dress models.

These dresses are just exquisite and are available from AltaMODA bridal in Salt Lake. 

Well, until next time America….. — Bry

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BryCox - GWS 1
BryCox - GWS 2 BryCox - GWS 5

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  1. Dude. super-sweet, made-up, self-hosted, pro-america BLOG…. dude!
    Welcome to 2008. ditch the 70s alt folk rock grunge music and we could be pals.

  2. The movement with the incredible lighting here is so romantic and amazing…. definitely the best in b&w 😉 Gorgeous!

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