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Congratulations on your engagement! Here is a video to introduce myself, my work, and how you’re going to look amazing in your wedding photographs.

When I started full-time in my portrait studio over 20 years ago, I started as many people do – loving photography and wanting to offer people the best possible photographs for a better price than the competition. I was never the “cheap” photographer and I always felt my work was great, but I did shoot an average of 100 weddings a year in addition to other shoots too. I continued to shoot daily while also getting recurrent training to be a PPA Master and PPA Craftsman. Over time my skills improved, my equipment improved, and my mind was opened to new ideas and new levels of quality.

I realized that I could offer my clients something even better, something so incredible and amazing, something that just wasn’t available. I could offer them even more personal touches and connection for the best photography on their wedding day, as well as the art and design of the best possible album to showcase that incredible photography. But putting this much time into one wedding would mean limiting the number of weddings I shoot and putting a lot more time into each one. What I wanted to do meant a vast investment in time, money, and expertise.

It meant not doing what everyone else was doing. It meant not hiring teams of cheaper photographers to go shoot for me because no one can quite read the light or people’s personalities and bring out the best of each as I can. And for the finished product, it meant no peal-and-stick albums, no “drag-and-drop” or “auto-design” software, no cheap online books, and not sending the design off out of the country to some cheap designer that wasn’t at your wedding and doesn’t understand your personality. When I shoot your wedding, I get to know you and I also pick up on your inner-fears of what you like and don’t like about yourself. I know how to direct you and light you to make you look your best, I know how to bring out your true personality. And that personal one-on-one experience helps me know how to retouch and design your book so that you absolutely love every single image and every single page design.

There’s a special skill in knowing how to make people look amazing in any condition, in any weather. And there’s another skill in delivering heirloom products to my clients. I work to provide the best of both. It means I’m not comparable to the cheaper photographers around, but I believe strongly in photography. Of everything we spend our money on in weddings (flowers, food, dresses, locations), photography is the only thing we pass down to our children. And I want to create something that you love your entire life, something that makes you happy every time you enjoy one of my images. And I want to create something that your kids fight over when we’re all dead and gone.


I can help you over phone and answer most of your questions about your wedding day. Call me and let’s chat, and if it sounds good to you, then let’s visit in person too so that you can see my albums first-hand. Cox_Albums-119

When I shoot your wedding, albums are not an add-on – they’re included. I only shoot weddings when I can do them right, and part of that is finishing them perfectly for my clients. I have a number of wedding collections in varying price options, and larger packages include larger albums. Available in 4 sizes: 9½ x 13 (on the right), 12×16 (middle), 14×18 (not shown), and the largest 16×20 (on the left).Cox_Albums-117 Cox_Albums-115

Give Me a Call 801-728-3317

If we’re going to work together in person, I’d like to talk to you in person. Let’s start by jut talking on the phone for a few minutes to discuss your wedding, and I can give you some general pricing too and answer any questions. And if you like everything, we can meet in person.

Want to See More Albums?

Here are some more videos showing more album I created for actual clients before I delivered them.

Here’s a video from a few years ago shot in my showroom. I really love Sari’s album and wedding day, and this video also shows other sizes and options.

The Bry Cox Difference

I am one of the few to have earned the national credentials and titles of Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman. In fact I’ve earned them about 10 times over. And I am Certified. All that means that you’re in good hands.

My images have been used in national and international magazines, by public figures and famous VIPs, Capitol Records, CMT, ads for camera companies, for covers/national magazines like Billboard, TV Guide, American Photo, Professional Photographer, American Girl. I’ve been hired to photograph filmmakers, TV anchors, musicians and other prominent people like LeAnne Rimes, Natalie Cole, Olivia Newton-John, Ryan Shupe, Donny and Marie Osmond, Kenny Loggins, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Forbes, Mitt Romney, and the last four Utah Governors. You can see a lot of these on my portfolio site.

I have lots of awards to show the quality of my work year after year isn’t an accident and I have a background in fashion but also in creating classic timeless heirlooms. I like mixing those styles to create something stunningly unique and modern but that will also stand the test of time to continue to be a showpiece in your home for years to come.

More Help Comparing Photographers

How do you compare different rates, experience levels, and more importantly the quality? Every photographer starts somewhere and everyone is learning, but the term “professional photographer” is not as descriptive as it used to be. There is a difference in a photographer’s levels of experience, and I know how to make you look great.

Everyone is beautiful and I know how to bring that out in you, quickly, and without having to take hundreds of images to do it. Your photo shoot with me will be easy, quick, and the images will amaze you. You’ll view them before they’re retouched too and will love how great they look.

They will have clarity, punch, emotion, you’ll look younger, better, slimmer – all before I even do any retouching!


Can you see the difference? Notice how the girl on the left has dull skin, dark eye sockets, and a dull expression. She’s still a beautiful girl, but she’s not being photographed like she should.

I photographed her for only 5 minutes, and everything looked spectacular. Notice how her skin is glowing, her eyes pop, and none of that is fake or done with software. She had lots of killer images to choose from, and they showed personality and emotion.


Every image from the shoot was great which means the top favorites are killer! Here is the entire 5 minute shoot, un-retouched.BryCox_TXEntireShoot


The Most Common Mistakes by Photographers:

Using “Natural Light”

“Natural Light” sounds good because it sounds …well, natural. We all want natural looking images but “Natural Light” photography means uncontrolled light coming in from haphazard angles and directions with no sculpting. It also means haphazard color tones for weird skin color, usually blue and gray.

When someone says they are a “natural light photographer,” it means that they don’t understand lighting. This haphazard approach means that you’ll have dark eye sockets, grayish blue skin, and an overall dull contrast meaning lots of retouching and software effects for rubbery-plastic skin, weird white eyes, and an overall fake look.

They Hope for Overcast

Have you noticed that most samples from photographers are on overcast days? But few days are overcast in Utah because we live in a desert state where most days are bright and sunny with harsh sun, even in the winter. So if all the samples are overcast, how do these other photographers handle sun? Well they don’t. They avoid sun, they hope for overcast, and they need overcast. If it isn’t overcast, they stay in the shade for the look of overcast because the sun like all natural light comes in from haphazard angles – the wrong angles to be complimentary on you.

(This shoot below was not only in direct sun, but on a cold and windy day.
See her entire shoot here.)


Using Flash to FLATTEN & FATTEN You

When photographers use flash, it’s connected to their camera or on a bracket and this angle means that you’ll be flattened and look thicker, which means the camera is adding weight to you. Not good!

But if the flash is off the camera, it usually isn’t done right and creates long noses, weird shadows on the face, and usually one eye that’s darker. They try to fix these problems later with software resulting again in weird looking eyes, and blotchy skin.

Take Too Long & Too Many Images

Because they know many of their images won’t turn out, most photographers shoot way too long and take too many images. They’re hoping to get a good image by luck. Instead you’ll be worn out and just get a ton of mediocre images.

I personally watched a photographer recently shooting an engagement couple in Salt Lake and take literally 40 shots of the same thing. Nothing changed, but the camera sounded like it was on rapid fire. A shoot like that will drag on and end with tons and tons of the same mediocre images for almost no choices.


Instead of looking at you, most photographers are disconnected, mainly focusing on their camera or reviewing images on the camera’s back because they are unsure of the results. They use their cameras on auto and they shoot and look, shoot and look, constantly checking the screen to see what they’re getting.

That means little or no eye contact with you. They worry about the gear working and the auto settings which means less engagement with you, less energy in the images, less believable expressions in the photos, and also missed photographs at the perfect moments.

Over Retouch

Most photographers won’t let you see their un-retouched photos because they look so bad. They need to first fix and polish them all to hide their lighting problems and blue hues. This over-adding of effects and over-retouching to get them to a “normal” place where they can be seen means you’ll have puffy looking faces (especially under the eyes), plastic skin, and many times washed-out looks or even b&w as an attempt to hide problems.

When I photograph you, I know you’ll look amazing right off the bat. Depending on the timing of the shoot, sometimes we can do the order session right at the end of the shoot, going through and picking all your favorites. Of course I’ll retouch things too, but you’ll be amazed at how great you look without it.

Only Show Samples Online

Even mediocre images look better online because screens are small and don’t need a lot of resolution to look good or in focus. But how does that same image look on a wall canvas? How about an oversized album with large pages and excellent printing that is unforgiving? How are the shadow details look then? How sharp is that family portrait from your wedding if you want to put it up on your wall?

I have an online portfolio, but I prefer to meet in person and let you look through entire albums beginning to end. I want you to see how amazing every image looks from the wedding, no matter if it was taken earlier in the day, later in the day, inside, outside, on a sunny day, in a storm, no matter what. And I have plenty of wall sizes to look at ranging from 50″ – 80″ that you can see too that are even more unforgiving when viewed up close.

You’re Their Guinea Pig for “Practice”

Many photographers want your most important events in your life (like your wedding) for their practice and to grow their portfolio. They need samples and want practice, but practicing on you means your images won’t be as good as they could have been.

Believe Being Pro is About Their Gear

Many think being a professional comes from their new gear. They brag about their gear, talk about their gear, compare gear.

In fact people will even say, “My friend is going to shoot our wedding. He has a good camera!”

Beautiful Models and Great Locations?

Many think that great images come from having a beautiful model or a great location. People will express this as, “Well you can’t take a bad picture of her,” or “I’m just not very photogenic.”

Obviously from the samples I’ve shared you can see that looks have nothing to do with great images or being photogenic. It’s not your job to be photogenic. I will make you photogenic and I know just how to bring out your personality and the images will be real and powerful.

No Backup Gear or Plan

It’s scary that most photographers don’t have two or three backup cameras with them if something goes wrong, and they don’t have other ways to light you if something breaks or if it gets dark.

I have too often watched photographers scramble with fear when their gear breaks or when a wedding reception was darker than expected. Most don’t have a backup plan for your images once they’ve been created or downloaded to their computer, and almost no one has insurance policies protecting them and YOU against problems either. When something goes wrong, you’re sunk.

No Credentials or National Titles

Less than 1% of portrait photographers are Certified. Most don’t have any training or have earned any national titles like being a PPA Master or a PPA Craftsman.

They Only Show Their “Lucky” Images

When you look at a photographer’s work, you’ll only see their “lucky” few images that happen to work out but aren’t representative of the entire wedding or normal work.

You’ll notice that these samples are usually from overcast days (where lighting is easier), only shown online (which is a small and forgiving format), and have computer effects that mask the problems.

So if your goal is to get one lucky image that you can only show your friends and family on Facebook, then you’re fine. But you won’t get something lasting, you won’t have something for your wall in your home, or a beautiful album, or lots of great choices that you can also share online.

I am the Opposite

I’m one of the only Master Photographers and Photographic Craftsman in the state, and I’ve earned those credentials about 10 times over. I’ve won a lot of awards on the state, national, and international levels. My specialty is lighting and emotion, and I’ve been a full-time photographer for 20 years. This is all I have done and what I’ve worked for.

My photographs are not lucky. I don’t shoot on auto and I don’t hold down my camera button and “spray and pray” that I get a good shot by luck. Instead my images are well executed works of art.

I care about my craft, my brand, and I am careful with every image I create to make sure that I’m lighting you correctly for you! I know how to work quickly, and how to get real expressions from all ages. My photographs don’t need retouching even though I will do a little work to the final images you order to make them even better.

And I like to meet with you in person. Sure get an idea online, but then meet with me and I’ll show you entire entire wedding albums from start to finish where you can hold the books and examine the workmanship up close. You’ll see the clarity and beauty of images that pop, page after page.

What you’ll see is quality all the way through. It won’t matter if your wedding is outside or inside, or if it’s a sunny day, a cloudy day, or if it’s nighttime, sunset, or if it’s raining or snowing — no matter what you will look great.

Compare Wedding Images

This bride below hired me …as well as another company that shot both video and photos. They arrived with a team of people and tons of expensive equipment. Compare the results for yourself. The images I created are natural, romantic, and have depth. The others are dull, busy, and unflattering.


Notice the all-too-common dull skin, dark eyes, and washed out skies that most will try and cover up with effects. But instead my images of the same bride, same location, have life, emotion, and spark.

I will do the same thing for you! It’s not about being at a private beach or looking like a model. The secret is my 20 years of perfecting my skills so I can make you look amazing in any situation, and to do it naturally without tons of trendy computer effects to cover mistakes.


Compare High School Senior Images

Here’s another example, two portraits of the same pretty girl in the same beautiful location. I train photographers all over the country to become Masters, and here I shot her two ways, my way and the normal way. It shows that the same pretty girl in someone else’s hands will look worse.


In the first image, I used custom lighting and posed her specifically in a way that would be more flattering for her and her outfit. I took control of all aspects of the exposure which means her skin tones have great color right out of the camera. I separated her from the background and sculpted her using directional light at particular angles. Everything was set up and shot manually, nothing left to chance or left to “Auto” settings.

Compare that to the second image, with the trendy “candid” and “natural light” method (no specific poses, no control of light, and shooting the camera on Auto). Her skin tones are dull and green, the light on her face is coming from the sky, her eyes are dark, the background is too light, and the wrong camera angle and lack of posing and lighting make her look thicker. Again, NO woman wants to look thicker or heavier, and fixing it later with software makes it look weird.

“But I’m Not Photogenic”

Maybe you feel or have wrongly been told that aren’t photogenic. It’s not true. It’s not your job to be photogenic, it’s the photographer’s job.

No matter how pretty you feel you are, the wrong photographer won’t photograph you to your potential. And no matter how much you’ve disliked pictures of yourself in the past, I will create photographs that you love. It’s not your job to be photogenic, and with me as your photographer you will love your portraits.

Get Bry Cox!

Yes, I charge more than photographers who want to shoot you for practice to get samples for their portfolio, I charge more than those who do photography as a part-time job, and I charge more than those with no training or credentials. But there is a difference you can see and feel, and that difference you’ll notice the rest of your life as these images become family heirlooms.


Let’s Talk! Give me a call and let’s meet up.

Call me at 801-728-3317 and let’s talk more about your photographic plans and set up a time to meet where you can hold and look at my work for yourself.


(This information is for educational purposes.)

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