Holly and Joe’s Wedding Album

Holly and Joe came in to finalize their wedding album design, and it looks amazing!  Their wedding was uniquely a morning wedding, and held at the beautiufl Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake.

Here are a few page design spreads from their album collection.  What you see here are two page spreads that folding down the middle.  Each 2-page design is printed as one large wall print collage, then coated and book-bound into a fantastic album.

This first spread shows the beautiufl location as people arrive.

Then later in the book, this page spread shows Holly as she began to walk down the isle through the lush gardens.

One of my favorite page spreads was after the ceremony where Joe walked Holly into a little private nook off to the side, and gave her a very sweet hug.  I got these images from a distance with a long lens and love them in black and white as that really brings out the emotion in the images.

And here is an art page showing two awesome images juxtaposed against each other.

This was such a beautiful wedding and I am honored to have been apart of it all and to have been asked to capture their day for them as well as for future generations.

Their wedding is now up on my website in the ‘Slideshow’ section if you’d like to see the entire wedding and album design, and I’ve created a link for you to see it here, all 58 pages!  * Click here to see it as a slideshow movie set to music. *

(or use this address if your reader doesn’t show the link above: http://brycox.com/studio/MovieTheater/Movie-Holly.htm)

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  1. I have to say, your photography is wonderful, Bry. Attending the wedding of Aunt Holly and Uncle Joe was lots of fun, but these kinds of memories that you were alter to capture will allow us to remember that day forever. A job well done!

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