A Christmas Music Message for You

I was wondering what to send out to everyone as part of a Christmas message, and it hit me. Why not something more personal like me and my sister playing some Christmas music?

Every year, my friends and I have a dinner together and host an acoustic night. We invite a small group over, I bring in some sound gear, and perform along with a few others. So this year, I recorded my numbers to share with you all.

This first one is me singing with my sister, ‘O Holy Night.’ We winged this for the first time together as we performed. I printed off some words and chords, and we talked it through before going on (I’ll sing first, then harmony together on chorus, then a harmonica break, then harmony together on verse and chorus once more through). I really liked how it sounded.

For my second number, I got out my tenor sax to play and sing one of my all time favorite jazz and Christmas numbers, ‘Christmas Time is Here.’ It’s a Vince Guaraldi chart written for Charlie Brown.

A few things I have always loved about the original 1965 Charlie Brown Christmas program were the very things CBS hated about it. First, Linus quotes Luke 2, and in a wonderfully moving way too. CBS thought that was just inappropriate. Second, I love all the great jazz music throughout, which CBS considered bar music not to be mixed with a cartoon. And finally, actual children were used to voice the characters which CBS disapproved of, thinking adults should have recorded everything I suppose in an awful baby talk. Thankfully CBS lost, and Charles Schulz got his way, partly because it was too late to change anything. It was an immediate success and became one of the highest rated and most adored Christmas programs ever.

I love watching it and am moved by it still to this day.

(Video note: my camera feed died part the way though, so I did a freeze frame, but the sound continues.)

As a plug for my sister, she recently crossed 1 million spins on Pandora. 🙂 If you’d like to hear more of her music or to get some of her CDs, visit

Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed these. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Portraits of my Dad and his Saxophone

Usually I post my favorite client images of the week, but today my favorite images are personal portraits of my dad that we created yesterday with his saxophone. It was a really fun shoot which ended with my folks and I getting some delicious Chinese take-out.

My dad is a musician which is why I grew up as a musician, and learned to play the saxophone as well. These images are for his new website which we’re completely redesigning for him. For the new look, we needed new updated photos of him. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.


I really like how these look. His smile is genuine and inviting, and just looking at them makes me hear his sax in my head.Cox_DCox_Sax-161-edge

I also took a series of him playing his sax and with those, I made up this collage.Cox_DCox_Sax-132-trio

These images really make me excited for his new website. When I get it designed and up online, I’ll for sure let you all know. We’ll have music clips up where you can hear him play.

If you need some cool portraits that you can use for commercial purposes, let me know. I’d love to create them for you. 801-728-3317

Until next time, America.