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Janae’s Wedding Album Is Gorgeous, Bountiful LDS Temple

Janae & Jason’s wedding album is finished and I am boxing it up to ship out to them. It looks so amazing that I had to share it here. You may remember the sneak peek from their wedding, well here is the final product, their finished album and briefcase. I shot this video today before shipping it out so you could see what it looks like.

I love photographing weddings. They are romantic and inspiring, and I love putting my heart and soul into every detail, and creating wonderful finished products that future grandchildren will fight over.

This wedding was on a stormy spring day, which meant with the right use of lighting, I was able to capture this amazing sky in their background for really dramatic images.


There is a lot that happens on a wedding day, and that means there is a lot to photograph. So here is a video showing the entire day.

If you are getting married, give me a call and come in and hold one of my albums in your hands. See the beauty and clarity of every page, and why you will look amazing in a Bry Cox portrait.


And until next time, America.

Jolie’s Wedding Sneak Peek at Timpanogas LDS Temple

Jolie’s wedding images are so pretty, I wanted to share a few right now before the album design is done. In fact, these first two images have no retouching or photoshop work outside of adding my custom edges and signing the corners. The deep blue sky and vivid colors were all done with lighting, and I love how great these look already, before I even start to work.

These two were a hoot to photograph and their personalities were great. I love how they are looking at each other in these two images. They got married on a hot and beautiful day, which meant I could really pull in a blue sky with some dramatic lighting, and I like framing them with the architecture of the temple. They are the main focus, but the design behind makes for a great overall piece.


And here is a gorgeous image of the two of them from the far corner of the temple grounds, something with some timeless appeal but still really fun.Cox_JHales-W-1027

This infrared black and white of the Timpanogas LDS temple, will probably be how I start out the album. I shot it for the opening page, but we’ll see how the actual design comes out when I’m all done with itCox_JHales-W-1004

Well if you’re getting married, I’d love to meet with you. Give me a call at 801-728-3317. I am a Utah based photographer and I work all over Utah and the US.

If you want more info on how I shoot weddings, here’s some details and examples for you.

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Janae’s Bountiful Temple Wedding Sneak Peek

I just photographed Janae’s wedding at the Bountiful Utah LDS temple. Being late spring/early summer, we had some awesome storm clouds. That meant that with the right lighting, I could create dramatic images with this awesome sky. It was an exciting day to be out photographing a wedding. And here are some early images for you all to see.


Even if you don’t know this couple, you can tell that they are great together. They were happy to be with each other and were very photogenic. It made for some amazing images. As you can see from these early previews, the wedding was phenomenal. I can’t wait to finish this album design.Cox_JRichey-W-1191-edge

I love the romance and feeling in these images and can imagine any of these as beautiful wall prints.Cox_JRichey-W-1237-edge Cox_JRichey-W-1241-bw-edge

The actual wedding album design takes a while because of the level of quality that I produce. Nevertheless when it is done, I will post about it here too. But in the meantime, you can check out this couple’s bridals shoot that included the groom. Just a few days before the wedding, the bride flew into town and we squeezed in a quick shoot that I posted here on my blog.

So if you are getting married, you need to come in and see my work first hand. I have posts that talk about my wedding albums, but it still doesn’t do justice to seeing them first hand. Give me a call and let’s talk about your big day. 801-728-3317

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A Sneak Peek from Kami’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

This weekend I photographed Kami and Mark’s wedding at the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful and windy spring day. The air was refreshingly brisk and though it never rained, the sky had drama. It made for a great environment to create some very romantic wedding images. I really love weather! Here are a couple early favorites that really stand out to me. This is a great couple and were a blast to work with.



Now that the wedding is shot, I begin the sorting process. I look through each image and begin laying out their big and beautiful album. That is a long process and today is the first overview. And as I was looking at them, I thought it’d be fun to share a few exciting images right now before things get designed. The bride and groom are off on their honeymoon, and I hope they see these gorgeous images today.


If you’d like to see how my albums are finished, check out this video. My albums continue to win awards.

 So if you’re a bride, give me a call. Let’s create something amazing for your wedding. 801-728-3317

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Sari’s Wedding Album, Timpanogas LDS Temple

Sari’s album is all finished and I’m so excited for her to see it! Here are some of the album design pages from her book. Each of these images below is a double-page album spread, that is printed without a seam, and mounted and coated in the book. Below these images is a short video explaining how the book looks, and even shows this actual book.

Cox_Sari_05Sari is one of my close, dear friends from years ago, and we had a blast shooting at the temple. It was so fun seeing her get married, and her and her husband make a great couple. The weather that day at the Timpanogos LDS temple was gorgeous, and I love how beautiful she looks in all of her images.


These two images are big photographs in the book and are each double-page spreads. They look amazing in the book.Cox_Sari_07




Sari was a joy to photograph. She is beautiful, fun, and very photogenic and her dress was gorgeous. These images are just some of the highlights from the first half of the book at the temple, and second half of the book that covers the reception at her home was beautiful as well. Her yard looked amazing and made for a great backdrop. Here’s one double-page spread from her home.


I created a video today talking about my albums because they are hard to portray on the web, and I used Sari’s book as my first sample. 🙂

Below is Sari’s entire design, set to the music of my sister as a slideshow. 

If you are getting married, give me a call and let’s talk about your big day, 801-728-3317. You can also see more wedding album designs on my main website at

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Happy Anniversary, Ashley and Ryan Shupe, Wedding at the Denver LDS Temple

I can’t believe that it’s been that long! Ten years ago today at the Denver Colorado Temple, I photographed the wedding of my close friend, Ryan Shupe to his beautiful wife, Ashley. Today for their anniversary, I pulled a few images from the archives to post.


It was such a beautiful and warm day that day, and I remember mixing video and special effects together with their album images for a very unique slideshow – a very early concept at the time. I also remember that after the photo shoot at the temple, the couple and I were starving and ate fried chicken on the hood of our rental car before I took Ryan on some errands before the reception as part of my Best Man duties that day as well.


Ryan and Ashley are a happy and inspiring couple and they now have four cute little children that seem to be growing very fast. Below is our most recent updated family portrait, taken in the canyon near their home, and you can see more details and images from this shoot by clicking here.

Cox_RShupe-F-140bHappy Anniversary, you two!! It’s been an honor creating portraits of you and your extended families over the years.

Patricia’s Exotic Wedding is Now Online

Patricia had her wedding in San Diego, California, reception nearby in La Jolla, and a second reception later in Utah at the Grand America. Her finished wedding album was a surprise from her parents to her for Christmas. And because I love my work better in person in a finished album, I held off on posting her images until her parents gave her the beautiful heirloom album.

It’s now safe to post these and I’m excited to do so because it is so fantastic! I can’t wait for you to see it. This image below was taken on the cliffs of La Jolla, and in person, looking at the album, you can see every wave in the distance, and feel the glow of the sun breaking through the clouds, and really feel the love of these two people.

There are some single images that take up double-page spreads in a dramatic way like this image below of the couple at the San Diego Temple. And though you can see the entire album on my website as of today, I will have this  album with me on January 19th at the free Salt Lake Premier Wedding Show.

I hope you can come see it, because nothing beats seeing one of my finished albums in person. This double-page spread below looks amazing close up where you can see the lighting, the clouds, the composition, and the expressions.

I try to keep at least 5 entire wedding album designs up on my website at any one time, but as of today I have SIX! I love showing the variety of albums that span brides with various ages, body shapes and styles, and images that cover their entire day with various conditions, sunny days, stormy days, daytime, nighttime, inside, outside.

No matter what, I want you to be happy and confident on your wedding knowing that I know how make you look great. Check out Patricia’s stunning and exotic wedding online and come see me on January 19th.

(Album can be seen at > Portfolio > Weddings > Wedding Albums > San Diego/Grand America)

A Sneak Peak at Sophie’s Fall Wedding Portraits at the Draper Temple

The other day I photographed Sophie’s wedding. I had originally posted her bridals on her wedding day, and I thought it’d be fun to post a few images from her wedding day as a sneak peak.

The weather was amazing, the sun was shining, the canyon wasn’t too windy, and the fall colors looked so inviting, that I took the couple off to do a few fall portraits.

And here is one of them at the Draper temple, after the ceremony. Having such a bright and sunny day meant that I had to be extra careful and precise in how I lit this image. I really wanted a nice and vivid blue sky and I love how this final image looks. The leading lines all work so well, their expressions are great, they both look happy, relaxed, and the image is just inviting.

As soon as I finish their album and design, I’ll post it here as well.

So, until next time, America. 😉

Gregory & Natalie’s Wedding Album Design at the Grand America Hotel

What an honor it was to be apart of Gregory and Natalie’s wedding day love story.  They are from Tennessee and flew in to Utah to get married here at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake.  While dating, they had a great trip to Utah and decided it was the place for their romantic wedding.

Here are a couple page layouts from their final wedding album design.  You can see the entire wedding album as a slideshow by clicking on any one of the pages.

The day started off with Natalie getting pampered in the Grand’s spa.  Later, they began to get ready for the ceremony in their hotel room.

Keep in mind that these page layouts that you see here are actually double-page spreads.  They fold in the middle, so you are really seeing two pages up at a time.

Later the ceremony began out on one of the balconies overlooking the beautiful city and Salt Lake valley.

Gregory and Natalie flew out of town for this wedding to be in a quiet and serene place away from everyone.  This made it a very  unique wedding to photograph because there weren’t crowds of people — just us, the couple and me.  In fact, the hotel’s concierge and I were asked to be wedding witnesses.  Here we are signing the papers.

After the ceremony, we went about creating fantastic and romantic images of the two of them.  I love this double-page spread of the two of them kissing in the hotel’s courtyard.

We even walked around the streets of Salt Lake creating photographs for their album.  And though Gregory and Natalie are not Mormon, they love the city and the beautify of the iconic temple in the center of town.  So we stopped there to create a few images as well.

This was a wonderful and emotional day.  I loved being apart of their day and spent a lot of time designing the absolute perfect wedding album for them.  If you’d like to see their entire wedding album design as a slideshow, click here.

Meghan and Bradley’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

Meghan and Bradley came in to finalize their wedding order, and their album looks amazing!  I’ve sent it off now for final binding and am excited to get it back and finally deliver it to this wonderful couple!  Here are a few page designs from their album.

Each of these are two page spreads, folding in the middle.  I design and print them however each as a large wall print collage.  The resulting album is spectacular that has to be seen in person to really appreciate it.

The design is so fun, so fresh, and really captivates the love and emotions of the wedding day.  We really lucked out that day with a spectacular storm.  It left the sky at the temple cloudy and wonderful, yet the rain stopped during the time we scheduled for photographs.

Later that afternoon though at the bride’s home we were poured on constantly all night.  I love the drama that weather creates, and I love to capture that in photographs.  That stormy day made for some real memories and some wonderful images!

If you’d like to enjoy their entire album design, I’ve posted it on my website as a slideshow here. (Click here to view album as a slideshow.)  In fact, you can view all sorts of slideshows and albums by going to my website and clicking on ‘Slideshows’ on the left menu.

Well thanks for looking and please browse my main website at (or my entire blog if you’re reading this in a separate feed reader

Max & Stephanie’s Wedding – Bountiful LDS Temple

Max and Stephanie approved their final wedding album design and it’s now off to the bookbinder’s for final binding.  I was very excited for them to see this fantastic album, because I loved the design and feels that it captures their special day so well.

Here’s a few page designs from their wedding album.  Each of these is an open two-page spread.

I’ve also posted their entire wedding album for you to see online as a slideshow. (Click here to view album as a slideshow.)

I love how happy these two are together and I think this first double-page spread really shows that off with the two of them dancing, framing the beautiful portrait of them sitting together.

This is a very dramatic spread, shot as a panorama capturing the fantastic sky, and the entire temple.  It is printed edge to edge, taking up both pages!  So cool!

And this spread is designed as a fun series f the two of them together.  These are just a portion of the entire album, as the entire album is about 44 pages long!  If you’d like to see the book in its entirety, check out this link. (Click here to view album as a slideshow.)

Also, as a reminder to everyone to get me your final orders for Christmas as I’m finishing up orders very soon.  Thanks for looking and please browse my main website at (or my blog if you’re reading this in a separate feed reader

Merry Christmas!!

Abbey & Ken’s Wedding Album (Logan Temple & Noah’s)

Abbey and Ken came in to preview and finalize their final album design, and it looks sensational!!  I love the flow, the emotion and the love between these two.  It was such a great wedding and I felt privileged to be apart of it, and to be able to document their special day.

I’ve posted their wedding album design on my main site for you to see.  (click here to view album as a slideshow.)

Abbey and Ken at the Logan LDS Temple, Utah. Photography by Bry Cox, - Celebrity Style Imaging, Inc™

The album is displayed as slideshow and shows each page spread as an open book, with two facing pages up at a time.

Abbey and Ken’s wedding day was wonderful.  It was a beautiful day, and very windy which I always love.  Storms and weather make the day so much more interesting, and as you can see, we used that wind a lot for some wonderful images.

I’m doing one of my new albums for them too, which is even bigger than my normal 11×14 size album.  I’ve designed a lot of pages to print flush right to the edge, making the images even more breathtaking and large.  I especially love this black and white series of a dramatic establishing image on the left, juxtaposed with these two very tight close-ups through Abbey’s veil.

Abbey and Ken at the Logan Utah temple, photography and design by Bry Cox, Celebrity Style Imaging, Inc.™The images and album design is so fresh and hip, I love every page.  Look at how fun this series is of the couple running out at the end of their day, to a barrage of bubbles in the eye.

Abbey and Ken at the Logan LDS Temple, Utah. Photography by Bry Cox, - Celebrity Style Imaging, Inc™

I really love how great Ken and Abbey look together — they are a great couple.  I’m so glad they found each other, and I wish them the best in their new life.

I very excited too about some other album designs, and should be able to post them soon, as soon as those clients come in and view them!

Until then, browse my main website at (or my blog if you’re reading this in a separate feed reader