Larry Elder

Headshots for Larry Elder, Conservative Talk Show Host, Salem Radio LA

I recently photographed conservative talk show host, Larry Elder on location at Salem Radio in LA.

Larry Elder is probably best known recently from his nationally syndicated radio talk-show, The Larry Elder Show. You’ll often see him on national news shows debating politics, he’s a best-selling author, and previously he hosted the television show, Moral Court. He also just released a new movie as the executive producer. It’s a political documentary called, Uncle Tom – An Oral History of the American Conservative.

Most of my clients are successful and extremely busy, and that makes it hard to take time away for a photoshoot. So I make headshot shoots easy, by coming to you and setting up a studio where you work. It means you only have to stop working for a short amount of time. No travel back and forth to my studio. Instead, just step across the hall.

For Larry Elder’s portraits, I flew to LA and set up my studio at Salem Radio where he broadcasts. I have powerful lighting gear that’s also compact, and I can fly with it wherever is needed. We were able to find an open area at Salem Radio to set up a small studio setup right there on site. In a short amount of time, we had various angles, backgrounds, and options created for him. From there, we picked favorites, and finished those and delivered them back to him in various formats, ready for whatever he needs.

Larry Elder was incredibly personable and kind, and I think that really shows in these images. We had a great conversation during this shoot and I am honored to have met him and to be able to create these portraits for him. He’s smart, quick-witted, and has a strong and powerful personality. He’s very inspirational, and I love how these images turned out. I hope these work well for his various uses.

Using a commercial white background is always a great option too. It means I can create a clean extraction and replace that white with various colors, tones or backgrounds. Here I replaced the commercial white with this soft, fashion gray. Or logos and design can be added. Having a clean and sharp portrait means it can be used in lots of ways in the future.

I just watched Larry Elder’s new film this week, Uncle Tom – An Oral History of the American Black Conservative. It’s an incredible and very powerful movie that ends on a positive tone. I highly recommend it. Here’s a link to the website.

Thanks again to Larry Elder for a great photo shoot. I wish him well with these images and all of his various endeavors.

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And until next time, America.