James and Stephanie’s Idaho Falls Temple Wedding Album Design

I’ve been excited to share this wedding with you for a while. It was a gorgeous wedding at the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. I’ve made this video below to show you each page and storyline of the album design.

And here are some of my favorite pages. I like to start off albums with an introductory image that sets the stage and mood by showcasing the location. Here we’re starting at the Idaho Falls Temple on a beautiful summer day.

Skipping ahead in the album, we have these stunning couple portraits of the new bride and groom using the temple as our backdrop.

I really love this page design. The horizontal line from the temple extends perfectly across both images, even though the two images are from different vantage points. The tall lines are a great contrast against the couple leaning and kissing.

Then leaving the temple to go to the ring ceremony, we stopped to create some portraits across the river looking back at the temple.

The long leading lines of the river heading towards the temple mixed with this couple kissing in the foreground makes this one of my favorite images from the wedding.

During the ring ceremony, these little girls were adorable and did a great job.

And of course I love creating studio-lit images of wedding couples on location during the reception. These two laughing in this second image is magical.

If you’re getting married, I’d love to create some amazingly gorgeous images for you too. I shoot weddings all over America and can travel to your special location. Here are a few links for some info…

  • My main portfolio website: BryCox.com
  • My mini site of wedding info
  • Lots of real wedding samples (no fake brides) here on my blog
  • And of course because of the custom nature of what I create, it’s best to give me a call at 801-728-3317 so we can talk more about what you’d like.

And until next time, America.

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