I Love Photographing the Same Families Over the Years

Being a photographer is a satisfying job. I’ve spent years perfecting the craft because I feel that there is an important need to create not just pictures, but heirlooms that connect with people emotionally and are different from the other offerings. When I do shoots like this, I am reminded of that importance and it makes me grateful for the opportunity to create great images for people.

I had a blast photographing these cute kids that come into my studio every few years. I’ve done shoots for this family as each of these kids came into the family. It’s always been fun to see how much they’ve grown and changed. In fact for this post, I’ve pulled up some images I did last time for comparison. But first, I did a series of square wall portraits of each child. This first little girl was the newest in the family, and I hadn’t photographed her yet. She was so adorable and full of personality as you can see.


And here are the other children, each with their own square wall print, which looked beautiful hung together on the wall.




And here are the first three children, each from the shoot I did of them a few years ago as well as today. It is so fun seeing these comparisons. It’s another reminder to me me of how fast children grow, how fast families change, and how important it is to get great portraits over the years. I really love the personality in each of these images.








With each shoot over the years, I photographed each new child to create a personal wall collage. Here’s an example of this boy’s collage from the past when he was much younger.


Every child has their own collage at about the same age. For the newest little sister, we did a collage for her on this new shoot.


And another one of just her alone.


Here is a new collage I did of all the kids at this recent shoot. They were such a fun bunch that day. They were so excited and were an absolute blast. You can see how fun the shoot was from these images as well as their individual personalities.


It’s hard to describe how grateful that I am to be a photographer, and to be able to do this for a living. I love that I can create and preserve memories for my clients and create real heirlooms that are enjoyed for years. It’s working on jobs like this that makes it feel all the more important, especially when I see these young children grow and change over time. And it was gratifying to deliver this order and see portraits from the past that I had created, hanging in the home.

So thank you to these clients and everyone else for hiring me over the years and allowing me to create images for you. And if you are looking for some updated portraits, there is no better time than now to set it up. Give me a call, 801-728-3317.

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