Karily’s Wedding at Salt Lake Temple & La Caille

I posted the slideshow for Karily’s wedding today. You have to see this one! It is fantastic! It was in December at the Salt Lake Temple, with the reception held at La Caille.

I love the vivid colors and how happy and in love the couple is, and the entire flow of the album.

Karily\'s Wedding

Click either the photo (album spread) above, or click here to see the slideshow. And remember, my album slideshows are laid out to show two pages at a time, as if the album is open (like the spread above).

I want my albums to tell the story of the couple’s day, and quality is everything to me, down to the smallest details. I personally design each album. Every page is laid out for flow, harmony, balance, and impact, without the use of pre-designed templates or other shortcuts.

Notice too how the album tells the story of the couple’s day, from beginning to end!

Enjoy, and until next time, America!
— Bry

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