Gregory & Natalie’s Wedding Album Design

What an honor it was to be apart of Gregory and Natalie’s wedding day love story.  They are from Tennessee and flew in to Utah to get married here at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake.  While dating, they had a great trip to Utah and decided it was the place for their romantic wedding.

Here are a couple page layouts from their final wedding album design.  You can see the entire wedding album as a slideshow by clicking on any one of the pages.

The day started off with Natalie getting pampered in the Grand’s spa.  Later, they began to get ready for the ceremony in their hotel room.

Keep in mind that these page layouts that you see here are actually double-page spreads.  They fold in the middle, so you are really seeing two pages up at a time.

Later the ceremony began out on one of the balconies overlooking the beautiful city and Salt Lake valley.

Gregory and Natalie flew out of town for this wedding to be in a quiet and serene place away from everyone.  This made it a very  unique wedding to photograph because there weren’t crowds of people — just us, the couple and me.  In fact, the hotel’s concierge and I were asked to be wedding witnesses.  Here we are signing the papers.

After the ceremony, we went about creating fantastic and romantic images of the two of them.  I love this double-page spread of the two of them kissing in the hotel’s courtyard.

We even walked around the streets of Salt Lake creating photographs for their album.  And though Gregory and Natalie are not Mormon, they love the city and the beautify of the iconic temple in the center of town.  So we stopped there to create a few images as well.

This was a wonderful and emotional day.  I loved being apart of their day and spent a lot of time designing the absolute perfect wedding album for them.  If you’d like to see their entire wedding album design as a slideshow, click here.

Underwater Photography & Music Videos

I recently created a few short music videos with a new camera capable of going underwater.  I’ve had other underwater cameras in the past, but this one is my new favorite!  I can shoot in true and high-def HD and can shoot in true slow-motion too, giving a terrific and smooth slow motion, rather than a jittery slow-mo that is created from just slowing down clip shot at normal speed.

Check out this demo video I created while testing this camera last weekend on my friend’s boat.  I love the abstractness of the bubbles and water.  I shot for that quite a bit.

During this underwater shoot, I securely mounted the camera to my wrist, my chest, and even to a pole.  I tested it in sunlight, underwater, with movement, and everything else I could think of.  I’m excited because I didn’t have to edit any of the clips.  All of what you see is exactly what I created in camera — no adjustments.

About a week before I also tested it for time lapse ability and also wanted to test the mount I got for it to secure it to the outside of a vehicle.  I wanted to see how it would hold up to the wind at freeway speeds.  Here’s what I created while driving from my house to 7600 South in Salt Lake.

I am very impressed and have a bunch of new ideas for using this camera now.  I really hope to use it on high school seniors.  Years ago I created music videos from weddings and seniors, but the time involved to produce the pieces was so time consuming, that the packages became very expensive.  Now though, with this camera and with the newest editing software that I’ve also been testing, I hope to be able to create these kinds of things again for seniors and wedding couple, but in a more cost-effective way, and with even greater production value.

If you’re a high school senior and want a hip music video that you can post on your facebook page, then give me a call!  NO ONE creates images like me!  My shoots are super artistic, fun, and I know just how to make you look great!  You will LOVE your images!

Give me a call to schedule your appointment.  801-728-3317.  And feel free to browse my main website, and my blog at


Speaking at Pictureline & Time Lapse Photography

This week I spoke at Pictureline in Salt Lake, for the regions largest photo trade show called DigitalFest.  Pictureline is my favorite camera store and I love them for their ability to do an amazing job at everything — their staff is wonderful and knowledgeable, they carry everything, their store is always immaculate, beautiful and clean, and their events are fantastic.  They do what others don’t and really pay attention to the details.  As an artist and a businessman, I love that!  It was an honor to be asked to speak there.

I was told that my class was the first to fill up and that they actually oversold my class.  The event went great and I loved the opportunity to help and inspire others.

But I was also inspired with some new ideas.  I stayed and watched one of the other speakers, Alex Buono who is the Director of Photography for the Saturday Night Live Film Unit.  He shoots all of their parody commercials and the opening sequences for SNL.  You would definitely know his work.

Watching Alex, I was inspired to do a time lapse photography video.  He has one he did that is now the opening sequence of SNL, and it gave me an idea.  Sunday morning, I mounted a camera to the side of my car, and created a time-lapse video of me driving to Salt Lake.  Here is the result.

If you’re a photographer and would like to attend one of my workshops, check the schedule and sign up on my email list at  And or everyone else, browse my main website, and my blog at and give me a call if you need some new portraits for your business, or family.  801-728-3317.  

Brook & Ryan’s Beautiful Snow Wedding

I had the privilege of photographing Brook and Ryan’s wedding last winter in the snow.  It was such a fantastic day and the beautiful snow storm made for some amazing images and a wonderful album design.

Here is one of the double-page spreads from her album.

What you see here are two page spreads that fold down the middle.  Each 2-page design is printed as one large wall print collage, then coated and book-bound into a sensational album.

I also love this double page spread below, two images on each page making a four image collage.  I love how in love this couple is and how fun it was for me to be with this family on this special day.


I have photographed this family for many years.  Though I’m pretty young myself, I started my business almost 16 years ago.  There have been families that I’ve been able to watch grow and change over time, and this is one of those families.  It meant a lot to me to be there for Brook’s wedding.

I posted her entire wedding album today on my website as a slideshow.  You can view it in the ‘Slideshow’ section, or click this link to go directly there.  You’ll get to see the entire album, 38 pages!  * Click here to see it as a slideshow movie set to music. *

(or use this address if the link doesn’t work in your reader:

If you are looking for a fantastic wedding photographer, now is the time of year to get thing booked with me.  Give me a call, come visit with me, and see what I can do for you!

Thanks for looking and please browse my main website at (or my entire blog if you’re reading this in a separate feed reader

New Wedding Slideshow

I have created and posted a new short video of incredible Bry Cox wedding portraits. I made it to show that photographs are life-long heirlooms, and that wedding images can be fun, yet also classy and timeless.  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.  To see it, click on the image below, or go to, and click on ‘slideshows’ on left menu.

BryCox - New Slideshow

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Nicole & Ammon’s Wedding

What a fun morning.  Today, Nicole and Ammon came in to see their final wedding album design, as a large slideshow projection in the theater, here at the studio.

It is such a beautiful design and I’ve been excited for them to come and see it.  Here is one of  my favorite page spreads from the album.  If you are unfamiliar with my albums, this spread represents two pages, like an open book.

Bry Cox - Nicole's Album
Bry Cox - Nicole's Album

Their wedding was held at the Salt Lake Temple with their reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  They are a great couple and have been very fun to work with.

To see their entire album in slideshow form, click here.  I think you’ll see that they are very photogenic and very much in love.  There is a lot of sparkle in these two which really makes the album amazing!

Until next time, America!
— Bry

New DVD Portfolio, Updated Website

I have a new portfolio DVD for 2009, and it is all finished and ready for you!  It is formatted for your large widescreen home theater so that you can view the images large and in the comfort of your own home.

Bry Cox - Portfolio DVD
Bry Cox – Portfolio DVD

This DVD includes specific slideshows on weddings, bridals, families, children, high school seniors, models, as well as some entire wedding albums so that you can see how I might tell the story of your day from start to finish.  You can order one for free right off my main website, here. (Click on Free DVD on menu.)

You can watch it on any DVD player or computer, both Mac and PC.  The music is amazing and was all written and recorded by my sister, Elise.  Each music score was specifically chosen for each slideshow to accentuate the mood of the images.  It is a wonderful DVD and I know you will all love it.

Note to photographers: I can understand how other photographers may want to frequent my site, and I appreciate that. However, I received thousands of requests from photographers for my last portfolio DVD, photographers not wanting to hire me but to get ideas for themselves.

If you are a photographer, please understand that I spent a lot of money and time producing these DVDs and am happy to give them for free only to clients and potential clients. I cannot respond to photographers requests for free DVDs, but you can certainly order them for a cost (along with many other photographic items) in the store part of my photographic workshop site.  Thanks for understanding.

And until next time, America!
— Bry

Trish’s Wedding Album Design

I finished Trish’s wedding album the other night, and am really excited for her to come see the design work.  The wedding was held in the White Chapel, across the street from the State Capitol building in Salt Lake City.  All week leading up to the wedding, the weather was crazy and it looked like it was going to rain on the wedding day too.  And there was a little rain in the morning, but the weather couldn’t have turned out better!  I love using weather to create mood in an image and this was a great day for that!

Trish's Wedding

The reception was then held just down the street at the historic McCune Mansion.  That is such a great location and made for great architecture inside and out to accent the photographs as well as the events of the day.

Below is an album page layout showing two pages up (as if the book was opened to this spread).  This segment shows us out in front of the chapel and then segues to the McCune Mansion with the couple walking down the street.  I have the entire album uploaded as a slideshow for you to see here.


Trish's Album 1

This next design spread shows the reception near the end, cutting the cake and dancing.  I loved the color and design of the cake and used it as a background behind the other photographs.  It gave this spread just the right accent.


Trish's Album 2

To see the entire album slideshow, just click here.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  And until next time, America!
— Bry

Courtney’s Wedding Album

I have another wedding album up online, and it is magical!  Courtney came in today to see her final wedding album design.  I love absolutely this!  The wedding was held at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah with the reception at the Bungalow in American Fork.

I uploaded the design as a slideshow today so you can check it out!

Courtney Album Design
Courtney Album Design

By the way, the slideshow shows the album as an open book, with two pages showing at a time, like the image above which came from her design.

I absolutely love this album.  The couple is so happy and their love really shows.  I’m very proud of my work here; the images are fantastic.  I love the colors, the soft lighting, the ambiance, and the entire feeling of the day and album….not to mention that Courtney looks fantastic.  To see some of her bridals, refer back to this blog entry.

Come in to the studio to see this design close-up, or if you’d like me to do a wedding for you, or even just some bridal portraits, then give me a call.

Until next time, America!
— Bry

Wedding: Ashley & Brett

I just finished and a new wedding album design for Ashley & Brett.  Here are some of the images from the album.  

It was an incredible wedding and I really love the album design.  The bride came in today to see the finished design with her family, and absolutely loved it!

The wedding was held at the Logan, Utah temple and the reception was in the bride’s yard.

BryCox - Ashley & Brett
BryCox - Ashley & Brett

I love this image below.  I used one of my special techniques to create this black & white which is toned warm and cool — warm in the highlights and cool in the shadows.

BryCox - Ashley & Brett
BryCox - Ashley & Brett

To see the entire album, check out the wedding album design as a slideshow.  Remember that the design shows two pages up at a time, as if the book were open.  Check it out and enjoy!

To see some of her fantastic sunset bridals, refer back to this blog entry.

Until next time, America!
— Bry

Kristi’s Wedding Album Slideshow

I posted a new slideshow today on my website. It is Kristi’s wedding album design. Kristi and Aaron were married in the Salt Lake Temple and had a ring ceremony and dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Here is one open spread (2 faces pages) from their album.

Cox - Kristi\'s Album

I wish you could see this in person. Each page is very large, measuring 11×14 inches. Together, the two page spread measures when open, 22 inches wide by 14 inches tall. A very cool design! And as with all my wedding albums, each page is custom designed by me, the artist, without any pre-designed templates. This way I can insure that every image is perfectly set, and that the background colors and elements work perfectly with each image as well, to best tell the wedding story with flow, emotion and impact.

It was a fantastic and beautiful wedding!

Take a look at the slideshow version of this album at my website, by clicking here.  To view other weddings and slideshows, go to my website at and click ‘Slideshows’ on the left menu.

And until next time, America!
— Bry

Website Updates & Slideshow

I’ve been updating my website with even newer samples for everyone to see.  There are new images all over the site and specifically in the portrait sections of men, women, brides, engagements, and commercial.  There are more updates to be made, and they should be up over the next 24 hours too.

Also, I’ve also added a new slideshow of Capri’s wedding album.  It can be seen by clicking here.

Capri\'s Wedding Album Spread

All of the album slideshows in my website, display the bride and groom’s entire album design, page by page — showing 2 pages up at a time like a book that is open.  The image above is an example of one spread (2 facing pages) in the album.  Click it to see more.

Capri’s wedding was a gorgeous event, starting at the Logan Utah Temple, and ending up out in Plain City.

If there’s anything you all would like to see on the site, please let me know.
And until next time, America.
— Bry