Fashion and Senior Portraits of Blue-Eyed Grace

I had the opportunity to photograph Grace, and do some fashion and senior portraits for her.  She was so fun and had a sparkling personality, that I loved photographing her.  I had a great time laughing with her and focusing on really capturing her personality.

There are a lot of photographers all over the country who follow my blog, and for those of you looking, you should know that these images are all un-retouched, and all were created using one light!  That’s a cool thing!

This is incredibly unique because the trend with most photographers lately is to not use any lights because they don’t know how to use them correctly, but then use tons of Photoshop effects and retouching to fix the images later.  The result is weird smooth-skinned people with glowing white eyes, or images that seem flat, gray, and dull and lack punch.

The other group of photographers, are pretty good at lighting, but need to use multiple lights.  It normally takes multiple lights to sculpt a person correctly, create dimension, and separate the subject from the background.  I teach these exact techniques all over the country. (Photographers: visit my workshop site

But I also think it’s fun to do the seemingly impossible, and that is to purposefully use one light, and still do everything that you need to do with multiple lights, and in the end create images that are unique, different, that have personality, depth, and that grab you emotionally.

I love this stunning four-up composite of Grace below.  It is so interesting how all the images can be so different and yet work together so well.

I also designed her up a trio composite using some of my custom fleurs in the corners.  There are great products that when framed, can hang anywhere in the home.

I then used a beautiful Tuscan set to create these images, and felt that some warm lighting would complete the mood.  This color is not a computer effect at all, but rather how I actually lit her on the set.  Again, these images are un-retouched and have no effects.  I did however on this image below, add one of my custom made photo edges to this, to complete the old world theme.

And here is another of her on this same set, but serious.  I love her expression in these.  She was so good at both serious and smiling images.  Both types of expressions really draw me in on these images.

Are you a high school senior right now?  Do you want something that is different, unique, and that can’t be copied by other photographers?  Do you want your photographs taken by the artist who is called to train photographers all over the country and who photographs for magazines and famous people?

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You are only a senior once, so don’t settle for new photographers with no credentials.  If you want real magazine-style images, remember that my images are used by Capitol Records, national and international magazines like Billboard Magazine and American Girl Magazine.  I have photographed a lot of famous people like Lee-Ann Rimes, Olivia Newton-John, Mitt Romney, and the last four Utah Governors (to name a few).


And visit the senior web page to be entered for prizes and to get more info.

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