iPhone Photos Flying into Salt Lake City

Flying into Salt Lake, the sky and the view was amazing!  Not being able to get out of my seat to grab my pro camera, I used my iPhone to get a few images out my window.  I love how the clouds helped direct the setting sun.  Light is everything, and I love what it’s doing here.  The colors and the texture of the mountains are just amazing.

Delta Airlines knows that if I don’t get my seat upgrade to first class, that I at least need a window seat on the right side.  It’s just automatic because  I love to look out at the city and the mountains as I fly home.  You can see the Draper temple in this image at the bottom.

This last image shows the Sandy area where I was picking out the homes of friends.  It’s always fun to look for familiar places as I fly in.

Well I just wanted to put these up.  I have a lot of really cool jobs to blog about this week, and will get them up as soon as I can.  But until then, browse some of my past blog entries (BryCox.com/blog) or even my my main website at BryCox.com.

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