Self Portraits at the St. Louis Arch

Last week I spoke in Illinois, right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis.  I took an afternoon to go visit the arch when I first arrived, and took some self portraits.

I used an extendable pole to control my camera, rather than relying on someone else or using a tripod.  This way I can see what I’m doing and get exactly what I want.

I’m still in my flight clothes, with jacket (great for pockets which are much needed on a flight), and Skull Candy headphones (great for movies on the plane, tunes on a trip alone, as well as iPhone calls too).  A local looking at these photos on my iPhone commented that he’s never seen photos of people by the arch where the arch looks small.  Everyone gets images up close, he said.  I specifically choose not to do that, because you just can’t see anything that way — but I did create some more artistic images up close.

It was a fun afternoon and a great start to an awesome week of speaking, teaching, and creating some awesome images!  That part of the week is coming shortly.

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